Winter Olympics 2022 Beijing

With the Olympics half way through I see there isn’t even a dedicated thread to this :ice_skate::curling_stone:

My beloved Netherlands in 6th place with 6 gold medals, 4 silver and 3 bronze. Probably here it ends for us as all the speed ice skating events are behind us.

Still incredibly proud of our tiny nation doing so well.

Cant locate England / UK on the charts. What’s up with that? :grimacing:

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One of my favourite disciplines to watch.

Sunny countries like England only do summer sports


This is the fake olympics.

Does anyone in the UK actually care about it hah

There is a winter sports thread.

But yeah I guess the lack of interest corresponds with the lack of a chance of our country winning medals :sweat_smile:

I have been watching some of it though. Quite enjoy curling.

Yeah, some do. It can be quite entertaining. Ever watch speed skating?

And we had a decent (by our standards) tournament in 2014.

I can appreciate the humour :smile:

Haha no was only joking tbf.

Had the highlights on BBC2 a few nights ago as background tv and one of the experts was saying Britain is not set up to do well at the Winter Olympics and never will be so we just concentrate on the summer version.

The only real sport in the Winter Olympics is curling. The rest are just hobbies people take too far.


I agree. Nothing beats the precision, elegance, souplesse and strategy of curling.

Until William Wallace gets his independence, then it’s just lawn bowls for idiots.

Isn’t curling a Scottish invention?

The British men and women both made it to the semi finals in curling. The men are playing their semi final against the USA at midday for those like me who love a bit of curling action :sweat_smile:

You’re playing us :sweden: in both the women’s semi-finals and the men’s finals tomorrow and the next day. We shall destroy you at both occasions.

I hope.

we probably won’t tho :vinai:

Our men beat Sweden in the round Robin.

Though to be honest, I’m just excited because this is our first guaranteed medal this tournament :sweat_smile:

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Yeah. I think we’re maybe traditionally ranked higher in the sport even though you guys are in form atm… but the truth is, for me it’s all about how Norway is running away with the medal table, they usually do but this time around we started out well so I was lulled into thinking we could keep up, but it was just bait :sob:


Norway is OP cheat code nation :smile:

Wait what? The actual gold medalist is left alone.

@oompa this semi final is close. We had a dreadful start, but somehow got it back

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