Winter Olympics 2022 Beijing

This olympics has been overshadowed by Kamila Valievas doping. Russia has proven again to be a disgusting doping factory. They haven’t been allowed to compete under the Russian flag for quite a few olympics now, maybe it’s time not to let the athletes compete at all.

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yeah :slight_smile: I also read by accident that we actually beat you for the bronze medal in the mixed category, so we have somehow managed to match up with you in the womens, mens and mixed doubles categories :sweat_smile:

wtf 4-0 :laca:

Ahhh we had it, how did you get 3?! Extra end, here we come

epic comeback time :laca2:

Ah gutted.

GB guaranteed at least silver in both men’s and women’s curling.

rip, well played :santi:

gl in the women’s finals.

not gl in the men’s finals.


Yeah think you’re going to take this. Only two ends gone, but Sweden definitely look the more determined.

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fuck, that was hard work! you guys are good, wp.

when’s the women’s finals?

Stupid o’clock. 1am UK time tonight.

oh, and I remember you saying somewhere you go to bed quite early if I’m not mistaken :sweat_smile:

Honestly, these games have been genuinely entertaining, you could maybe watch a vod or something online at some site (idno who has the rights, bbc? sky? bt?) tmrw morning and avoid getting spoiled if you want to? Based on how good the games have been I probably would.

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1 out of 2 isn’t bad. The women’s final was barely a contest. Too easy. Finally we get a hold medal.

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@Calum does your back hurt from carrying these cocky English to a gold medal?

Mine does.


Haha Scottish when they lose, British when they win :sweat_smile:

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Whats this in?

The curling? Not been watching it haha

Yeah. Look like the only medals Team GB will get unfortunately

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Fucking hell, and -17 is not all that cold. I wear a pair of heated gloves on really nippy days (-30-something), and I’m sure these guys could have a heated packet pouch in their ski-suits.

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Perhaps the worst part of it all for Finland’s Remi Lindholm is that it was not even the first time it had happened.



He must a lot of surface area. :slight_smile:

Should of used the poles like everyone else.


it says howling wind, as a fellow northerner surely you know how such wind affects temperature :slight_smile: and the kid’s from Rovaniemi at 65°+ latitude, I’m sure he doesn’t mind -17 in general lol

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