William Saliba (case closed)

LOL obviously not in this instance, but the potential is one of the problems in the current model. Imagine they buy 2 players, loan them out and that is the 1 or 2 point difference between them and Pool (Pool plays the teams with those 2 players and City plays those 2 teams without those players).


Yeah Chelsea pretty much done this when Lukaku went on loan to Everton.

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Why would City be interested in Saliba? Surely they need a CB this season as a replacement for Kompany?

With Courtois, De Bruyne, Salah, Zinchenko is a product of this etc. It’s on Arsenal however to offer a player like this perspective to make the choice for Arsenal.

Well, they’re in a perfect position to buy him now and send him back to Saint-Etienne atm. He’s not gonna be able and come in to challenge Laporte or Stones I think.

Shame this was the one signing I was potentially excited about, but that being the case I knew it was unlikely it would happen.


Please arsenal, I need this.

Manchester City will just buy him off us anyway I’d say in 2021

Evidence we are back!


$aliba boo him boooo!!

200m or fuck off :giroud2:

I think we can certainly rule out this being a vacation.


I’m hopeful on this one!


Another summer where our name is thrown around everywhere but very little business actually gets done.

So predictable, so boring.


Yeah honestly think if we would have made the top 4 it would of been the usual outlook of doing the bare minimum.
Its easy to say its early in the market but when you have let one window go already its looking like we are directionless again.

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Finally some action

How reliable is this? Out of all the rumours I’m really keen on this one…especially if we sell Koscielny to help cover the cost.

Saliba, Holding and Sokratis as a back 3 or taking turns in a back 4 at CB would be decent IMO.

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