William Saliba (case closed)

This isn’t it chief

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Mustafi for another season then.

This is an old report from over a week ago…they wanted us to loan him back but we refused…then his agent was seen in Manchester…

or has there just been a glitch in the matrix?

Can’t we loan Mustafi there lol? Just tell him Saint-Etienne finished fourth and qualified to CL. Hopefully he doesn’t find out till he realises that ASSE play on Thursday nights.

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I think the team are clearly lining up a signing and a sale to offset the cost at the same time. Saliba for Koscielny makes sense. The other thing is that we may be waiting for the kit launch with Adidas before we confirm any players…hopefully it’s not too long to wait!

This is it.

Next season is lost. Time to accept.

Loan him back Arsenal, whatever it takes

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Ok how about…

Sell Koscielny
Buy Saliba
Loan them Mavropanos for a season…

I think Mustafi goes.
Koscielny, I can see us running his contract out. BVB seem to have gone for Hummels instead.

We can’t write this season off we need to get out the fucking Europa League!!! :joy::joy:

Finish seventh then


We need to finish in the top 4 and win the Europa League!

This wasn’t how I was thinking of getting out it but I like it. Outside the box thinking here


You should be happy we’ll even get EL football next season.
If the club wanted a change they would get rid of Emery and bring a Mourinho, Conte or Allegri who are actually proven. The club decided to just let him finish off his deal with us and see where to go.
In reality, a club like Arsenal should have no problem sitting out of CL for a couple of seasons. We’re still one of England’s biggest clubs and Europe’s as well.

Emery’s contract is up at the end of this next season…there is a break with an option to extend for another year. Would be interesting to see whether the club would extend his contract IF we get back into the CL…especially with Allegri looking for a new club after a year off…

They will. The goal for next season is to challenge the Top 4 or win EL like this season. If we win some other trophy and really finish off the season strong then he still stays.
If he doesn’t do that then they won’t renew his deal. If we’re way off our goals come January I see them firing his ass.

It would be very ruthless (and very unlike Arsenal) to decide not to extend his contract IF we achieved our goals by the end of the season and qualified for the CL. Maybe it could happen in this new world!

Signing a promising CB for the half of the low budget allocated by Kroenkes and loaning back him to the previous club, looks a strategy to help AFC Out of context to become the most followed Arsenal account ever.

I hope this rumor is not true.

We wouldn’t sign a player for this type of money and agree to loan them back for a season…we will offer more money or play hard ball and try to force a move.

The Mail is reporting tonight that we have reached agreement with Saliba…deal with club yet to be agreed.

Mail Online

never heard of this guy before and know nothing about him. but hopefully we get a first teamer centre back in as well as this 18 year old