Will we sign a striker?

Hopefully will sign a decent one… Wenger please spend some wonga!

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We will sign a striker but whether he will be world class or not is a different matter.
Lacazette seems the most likely, but with Kante and Mahrez possibly leaving Leicester, perhaps Vardy might be back on.

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We can only hope there is something in the works similar to when we wanted Özil. That was kept cleanly under wraps the whole summer throughout. Those can probably fall through many steps along the way, but it may be the only chance of securing a high calibre centre forward.

I wouldn’t mind Bacca.

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Apparently, in an interview with some newspaper, Wenger has mentioned making some signings before the team leaves for the US for pre-season. Having said that, who gives a fuck what he says. He has said a lot of stuff in the past, most of which turned out to be bullshit.

I don’t have any confidence in him making any significant signings. Expect more Takuma Asano kind of signings that won’t make any difference to our overall squad depth or strength but nothing that will get us excited. Just have lost all faith in the old man.


We will sign one it just wont be the one thats required.

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No! He couldn’t sign crappy Vardy from crappy Leicester, what makes you all think he can sign a WC striker?

Beginning to get the feeling he is going to fuck about as usual, and then make a lame ass signing in the last week of the window.


If we sign Mahrez i fear there wouldn’t room for a striker.

There’s always room for a striker, especially when your number one and two are not capable of helping you win any titles.

I meant that i can’t see Wenger going for another striker after Mahrez.

Doesn’t come across like that Gunning. but, ok, fair enough.

I’m hoping for some more business to be done, after last seasons TW, and this years so far lack of activity, i’ve lost any and all faith i had left in Wenger. i simply can’t see it happening. nothing would please me more than to be wrong though.

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I legitimately see us getting Mario Gomez on deadline day as a 1 season stop gap with the excuse being that we’re waiting for the right striker to become available.

That’s sounding pretty good at this point, except we can’t afford to wait until deadline day.

Yeah I agree.

It’s not ideal but it’s better than nothing really. Hopefully we sign someone else sooner.

Wenger trying to sign a striker like…


We already did, Asano. We’ve also got Theo though so I don’t think we need one.