Will we sign a striker?

Surely to fuck we will. We have too, but hey we needed one in July last year as well but Wenger didn’t bother his arse so what’s changed this summer? We will have Walcott up front until Giroud is back from his holidays.[poll public=true]

  • Yes
  • No

100%, the quality is what concerns me most.


We still have about 1 1/2 months left, correct?

I expect the worst already, so nothing is going to surprise me.
The worst case is, we have Giroud, Sanogo, Theo and Asano as our strikers.

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I think you mean another striker.

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Wenger has said so, so yes. He’s not stupid and he’ll know that if he doesn’t, he may as well resign. No chance on earth he won’t sign someone.

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Edit, why didnt my link turn into a pic? @Bl1nk @Mysty any ideas? :slight_smile:
[/quote]Not sure mate, but I copy and pasted your link again and for some reason it worked for me!

Yes, otherwise he has to resign immediately.


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Show off :joy:
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Yes, otherwise he has to resign immediately-
[/quote]Some how I don’t imagine Arsene will be swayed to resign on the count of all that money he’d be giving up :thinking:

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Yeah. I believe we will. Just hope it’s one that can actually play games for us. Also score goals. Lots of goals.

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That guy in your avi :ozil2:

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Think we will but only a stop gap option. He will gamble on Theo again finding some form IMO.

I think we will, we almost had one a few weeks ago. We’re linked with a striker again, maybe we’re more serious about what we want this time.

I think we will, though I say that with little conviction, based on past needs and purchases.


I’m going to assume the question indicates a World Class striker (as that’s what we need), therefore no.

Will we sign a striker for the sake of it? Probably yes.

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And I’m sure we’ll wait until the very end because it will be someone that no else wants and the Wenger fundamentalists can regale us with tales of Wenger’s brilliance at working the deadline day deals.

Per Trion, it is a calculated gamble (refer to Ozil’s transfer)

No, we won’t but thanks for giving me the chance to try out the poll feature, I hadn’t seen it on the new site yet.

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