Who's Your Football Idol?

Just scrolling through Bristol City’s forum (tempted to bet on them on Saturday) and came across this thread.

  1. Your Arsenal idol
  2. Your footballing idol

I’ll start, mine were

  1. Thierry Henry

  2. Steven Gerrard

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  1. Dennis Bergkamp
  2. Dennis Bergkamp

Non Arsenal (Modern Era) - Lionel Messi
Non Arsenal (Anytime) - Zico


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  1. Close call between Cazorla & Sanchez.
    One is pure footballing joy, another is inspiring determination to be the best.

  2. Arsene Wenger
    I am assuming with Idol it is not just restricted with footballing ability. Wenger’s morals, His classiness, His mannerism, His demeanor has influenced me a lot.

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Wenger or if it’s a player, Zidane

  1. Dennis Bergkamp
  2. Ronaldo (R9)
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Ronaldo 9 is easily the best player I’ll probably ever see.

Kaka, Pippo and Gattuso for Milan.

Totti and Bergkamp just for their sheer immeasurable genius, they’re playing PES while everyone else around is playing FIFA basically.


The King. Thierry Henry :sunglasses:

Haha I saw this thread on my mobile this morning and was literally about to post exactly what you’ve done there @Shill and @shamrockgooner but decided to wait til I was at a computer.

Anyways, Bergkamp and Bergkamp.

Later on I’ll say that Riquelme and Fábregas were too players that influenced me a lot, and of course who didn’t love/idolise Zidane? Since Özil came to Madrid it’s been him, said it a few years ago and @Gio didn’t like it but I’ll say it again, he’s Bergkamp’s level and I count myself lucky to have seen two artists like him and Dennis in an Arsenal shirt.

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Liam Brady

I can see the similarities sure but I just think Bergkamp has Totti’s level of passing and then almost Savicevic level of control (who is probably the best dribbler of all time) just think Bergkamp has the edge still but Ozil is certainly getting closer I’ll accept that!

Henry and Iniesta.

For me it’s less about attributes and more about the fact that the two are just geniuses, and Özil is kind of a natural evolution of Bergkamp, Bergkamp if he played today would likely play in a similar way/sytem to Özil (though naturally more goal scoring).

Maldini/Ronaldinho depending on definition of idol

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Childhood ; Charlie George
Adult :Tony Adams

Muhammed Ali


  1. I hate to say it, but van Persie. His transfer was pretty much the reason I started following Arsenal religiously. Never stopped since :sweat_smile:.

  2. Bergkamp/Adriano/Ozil.

Arsenal Tony Adams

Football George Best