Who would you like to replace Arsène Wenger?


What does experience without quality mean? Jack shit.

United suffered too from not having a proper organizational structure. We don’t have the money to buy ourselves out of it.


Lol this guy got very cocky. Glad he got egg on his face


It means Mikael Silvestre in manager form.


Bastard.chelsea get Sarri and we get this guy, what a load of bullshit peddled by all ITKs over this. Fuming.


Im shocked. Was so hyped on Arteta. Will need atleast 2 days to get hyped over Emery.


@Electrifying how are you feeling about it mate ?


:bellerin: :facepalm: :gabriel: :santi: :xhaka:


Damn. Chin up bruv you will get tru this.


I think he will do slightly better than Wenger’s last 2 seasons but it’s an underwhelming appointment. He went winless away in the league one season at Sevilla, didn’t get past the rd 16 with PSG in UCL & allowed Monaco to win the league in one of his seasons.


This is the best scenario.

Everton get Arteta, and he’ll go back to them.

Pochettino goes to Real Madrid.

Emery goes to spurs.

Chelsea will get Enrique.

Then we get Conte.

Arteta and Emery are such uninspiring choices.
Someone like Conte would really shake us up.
He is exactly what we need, and as a bonus, he hates Mourinho as well.


Your boy can go to Everton now. It’s his level.


According to the club? They are hardly going to say otherwise


No according to everyone that isn’t sky sports they are the only ones going with this cause it gets clicks :joy:


Well the club has said fuck all about anything and is unlikely to either. There’s no real basis for the thinking Arteta was offered the job or turned it down.


True but Ornstein never mentioned Emery as being an option until very recently and he is the clubs mouth piece. I don’t think we do smokescreens imo and we definitely didn’t need to for this guy


Ain’t that the truth.

If we didn’t do smokescreens when we re-signed Mathieu Flamini, there’s no reason to do so for the Mathieu Flamini of managers.


I see the hipsters are crying into their smoothies over Pep’s ball boy. Are we a shithole club to learn on the job now? Fuck that entitlement crap of paying zero dues with all of his buddies chiming in right up his Arteta.

Quite happy with Emery. He’s had Valencia and Sevilla overperform on shoestring budgets and given we’re a shoestring budget shithouse that’s a good thing. And apparently doing 87 and 93 points consequtively makes you a flop now, PSG or not, it’s pretty good.


Hey look, the guy who prefers Wilshere to Ramsey prefers Emery to Arteta. What a surprise.


My question is, if we are going experience from the French League, why not Jardim over Emery ? He’s clearly superior in my eyes.


Well while Arsenal might be a step up for a lot of coaches, if the brief is “you will play good football” and not “do what you think is best to win” I can see why that might make it not the right job for every coach.