Who would you like to replace Arsène Wenger?


Who the duck is this cunt??!!^^^°

What an idiot lolololol


Are we a shithole club to learn on the job now?

It’s a fairly common thing, even at big clubs. Look at AC Milan, who hired Seedorf then Pipo Inzaghi and now Gattuso. (It didn’t work too well but I bet it was cheap).


How many years was I telling u guys this is what our board would do. I mean, Arteta and this guy as the finalists for this job is just jaw dropping. We’d never be smart enough to get a legit game changing manager like Nagelsmann.



Haha Arsenal fans.
Furious we are getting Arteta
Furious we are not getting Arteta


Spot on. Arteta fan boys are pretty pathetic. They want zero experience instead of someone who has still won some silverware.


I’d love to know what makes Nagelsmann a better choice than Emery?


But Telegraph Sport understands first contact between the two parties was only made 10 days ago – after most of the interviews had already taken place.

Telegraph is a shit source these day, but I do wonder what the reasons behind this where and if the process was as thorough as claimed.


So is Conte out of the frame then? :grinning:

He would have been brilliant for us.


It’s long been said he wants to go back home.


This thread makes for some interesting reading lol

Also our new manager was one of the poll options but funnily enough nobody voted for him.


I’ve always been Emery in and this poll proves it. :sunglasses:


Oh man, so much burn




Unai Emery was my one and only vote. :slight_smile:


Mine too.

The poll has also been closed for months. You’re imagining things @Electrifying


I opened it up this morning to check who was confiscated and the poll was open :thinking:

OAluminati eh?


Completely out of nowhere! No one predicted him :smile:


RIP Arsenal Mole @Arsenal4thetreble



Rip all of twitter except pornstein


:joy::joy: incredible. Moley is dead. Finished. I never believed in him anyway but thank fuck he’s over now. No coming back from this. :rofl: