Who would you like to replace Arsène Wenger?


We’re so fucked. Not going anywhere with this average cunt. All you people who wanted someone with experience and track record are going to be shitting on everything you’ve said about the potential Arteta hire after a year with this guy.

This club is going nowhere, no balls whatsoever, no vision. We have no chance of competing with City and Liverpool and Chelsea in the coming years. Officially #GAZIDISOUT


Emery is a stopgap until we hire Nagelsmann :slight_smile:


Or Tuggel


Tuchel is the one. :pensive:


Only if Arteta goes somewhere as manager and achieves something.


We’ll see. He is not in style any more but based on a couple of results in CL primarily. He won trophies and did a great job at both Valencia and Sevilla, with teams of pretty poor resources.


Not really. He was a massive failure in every respect at PSG. Showed himself to be completely bereft of ideas and out of his depth, aside from some terrible, absolutely gutless managing in CL. I forget if we finished first or second, but he struggled to win the group over us, FFS… (think we finished first, didn’t we?)


Don’t forget La Liga was different when he was at Valencia. Atletico wasn’t Atletico yet. In the first half of his stint he had Villa and Silva too.

Seville have been lauded for their strong scouting and the work Monchi did there as director of football before he went to Roma. Exactly the thing you got agitated about in regards to Arteta btw.


The funny thing is, I thought we’d have a que of managers wanting the role.

But it really does tell you the state of the club. Financial restrictions, structure means manager has no full control etc ffs.


I forgot about that; makes me even more annoyed


Yeah PSG was a bit of mess yet he still won 2 trophies in 2 years and only lost the title to a miracle Monaco who had GD of +75.

Anyway, I feel better about this than Arteta but I have been beating the Simeone, Tuchel, Nags, and even Jardim drums… Emery has a big black eye, but he also had 2 very impressive stints in Spain.


Most of us on here could win that league with PSG


Look he wasn’t on my list either, but it is an improvement on Arteta to me and I at least see some glimmers in reading more about him and looking at his history in Spain. Atlético weren’t the same but still had more financial muscle during that period. He inherited a Valencia in financial distress.


The financial restraints became apparant during his stint. He inherited nothing.

Again; Emery for his career has exactly worked in a structure like you hated about Arteta.


We did


Gary Neville was right. Gazidis better pray this guy is a success because they sound like they’ve bottled it and went for a safe underwhelming manager.


And yet Leicester City won the league… you still have to do it. And with a mess of a situation in PSG, he was only denied 2/2 titles by a historically ridiculous Monaco. They scored 2 more goal than opponents On average… it was a one off. Having said that, I am not saying this was a great appointment, but I see more reasons to be optimistic than with Arteta personally.


I just feel we have settled for the only manager who didn’t have a job after Arteta turned us down. Yet we were led to believe this job is sought after


I don’t like Arteta bc he has no experience… I prefer a more central accountability model in general. They are two separate topics, just bc I lauded Arteta for being uncomfortable with too little control does not mean he was who I wanted. I have consistently stated who I want. Neither were on my list of 4 and both would have been behind Allegri too.


Agree with this.


Yeah that didn’t happen