Who would you like to replace Arsène Wenger?


Looool he’s a bullshit merchant like the rest of them.


How dare you say that about Moley.

Dembele will sign with us before the end of the window, you’ll see!


We got no money in the end. Think it’s pretty clear. Arteta is the cheapest option.



Imagine haha


He hates being a coach doesn’t he? He only took over because the club were left in the lurch.


Maybe he hates being a coach not in London :wenger:


Wrong Ralph/Ralf. Hasenhuettl is a head coach. You’re thinking of Ralf Rangnick (used to be a manager but then became a Sports Director) who did take over but quit after a season and went back to being the Sports Director.


Is he the reason for Leipzig’s surge?
If so get him, they have been excellent.


They dipped this season though, that’s probably why he’s gone.


Did Arsene just find his new home? :hushed: The ‘sign young, develop’ project seems philosophically tailor made for him lol. Whether he can still get the best out of them is the question.


Ahhh thanks for the correction!!

In which case he’d be an awesome signing.


I don’t think that a club who has made its rise through using cutting-edge methods will be much of a fit for someone whose tactical training would seem to be stuck in a past era.


Wouldn’t mind him, tbh.


new first lady of Arsenal :giroud3:


I am sure the first team would not even mind being managed by her :giroud:


There would be even more dribbling around the box






Arteta will only get £50mil to spend well that’s no good they going to spend £20mil on a cb before he eithen arrives. He best be a good wheeler dealer


Cant see the 50 mil warchest as being real. We are the sixth richest club in the world ffs.