Who would you like to replace Arsène Wenger?


He won’t even be the one deciding though, Sven and Raul will be the ones actually choosing the players in this new model. The good news is that Sven is certainly a wheeler and dealer, but I hope there is more than 50m…


Haven’t you learned that our board is fucking greedy?


I’m pretty sure the members of the board would be paid the same regardless of who the manager is.


Why can’t this club go for someone experienced and decent. Unless they want us to completely disappear into obscurity.

In a league with Pep, Jose, Klopp, Poch and Chelsea’s next big name manager, we have no time for silly appointments.


Given the frustration that has been building over the last few season among Arsenal fans, it’s imperative that the club hire a manager who has an immediate impact on the team, and takes the team forward. This doesn’t necessarily mean the team should compete for the league or win a trophy but at the very least, it means we show improvement in the areas that Arsene’s team suffered, like the defense, or in games against the top 5, in Europe etc. Now, there are no guarantees that an established name like Allegri will do all that, but you know that fans will be a lot more patient with him than they would be with an Arteta, just because Allegri has a proven record.

The last thing we need is appointing a young, inexperienced manager, and then have a few bad results at the start of the season because you know things will turn nasty very quickly.

At the end of the day, all I hope is that we don’t settle for a manager because of financial reasons like salary demands, transfer budget etc. If we do appoint Arteta, I hope it is for footballing reasons.


The new manager doesn’t have to be a name he just has to be good. Give Arteta a chance IMO


If that’s the case why not hire someone who is actually good instead of someone who nobody knows whether he is good, even the guy himself?


For all the established names out there who is actually available and who isn’t at a better club already? I feel like those options are very limited, Jardim and Sarri maybe (and I would be pissed if Jardim hasn’t been approached). But if they themselves/their clubs rejected Arsenal what da fuq should the club do? We aren’t as an attractive proprosition as has been painted here. Right now we’re the 4th/5th club in England. Liverpool got lucky Klopp chose for the challenge. But he would be the exemption.


Like I said, if he struggles to improve our team in the first 10 - 15 games, the atmosphere at the Emirates would turn toxic. Most of us might still sympathise with Arteta as we don’t think he is ready but our frustration towards the board and the club will eventually lead to him having to step down, which is the last thing we want. Searching for a new manager, mid-season, will only mean one thing, panic appointments.

Appointing Arteta is a huge gamble, even bigger than it was when Arsene was appointed as he had 10+ years of managerial experience in the French league, whereas Arteta has none, and will be managing in the toughest league in the world.


Ehh, I think you’re underrating the attractiveness of the Arsenal job.


I’m interested to see how the new manager will try to get the best out of Lacazette and Aubameyang. Our squad just feels imbalanced, at best. A 4-4-2 would suit but then Ozil/Ramsey lose out. We literally don’t have a legitimate winger in the entire squad. That must be addressed in the transfer window along with GK and CB. Those are the 3 main priorities for me. I’m willing to give Xhaka (been good these last few months) and Mustafi a shot under a new manager.

I was getting excited with the Nagglesmann rumours (plays 3-5-2, good for Auba/Laca) that were popping up a few days ago but that seems dead now. Fantastic job with Hoffenheim he’s done. Tuchel was my #1 option but he’s gone sadly. No rumours of Sarri either :cry:

Shouldn’t be too difficult for the next manager to improve our pressing structure/defensive organisation and our build up play from defence and midfield. All of those things inferior to our rivals in the last 12-24 months. Good pressing teams would trouble us instantly. All Wenger could do in the end was coach the team well for parked buses.


Ehh, I think y’all are overrating.


What I don’t understand is, the board must have known for quite a while that Wenger was leaving at the end of this season, and if they didn’t, they certainly knew he was next season.
So they have had plenty of time to find the best replacement possible, for what is one of the most attractive jobs in Europe, and the best that they can come up with is someone with no managerial experience at all.

Clowns like Gazidis talk big, but when it comes down to it we are cheap and and lack any ambition.

I can’t believe, after seasons of mediocrity and frustration, we are turning to someone who has nothing on his CV to indicate that he is qualified for such an important job,

It’s not as if he is walking into a club where they are established as winners, with the best players.
This club is in a complete mess and needs sorting out and it needs a top experienced manager at the top level, but as usual, we go for the cheap option.

Guardiola has several coaches working with him, so why don’t we go for one of the others.
Is it because Arteta is the only one who used to wear an Arsenal shirt?


I am afraid it’s partly due to nepotism and subsequently lack of ambition. The board are probably happy with the mediocrity, maximising profit. We pay high ticket prices, but get served mid-table football all year round. Losing consistently to most of the Top 5 and getting knocked out of Europe each year in and out. We are the new Everton and with Arteta at the helm of our team I don’t see us getting back into Top 4 anytime soon. What a shame.


Sacking Wenger and appointing Arteta is a move to divert attention away from the board.


We gonna win the Prem next season lads ! All hail Mikelinho.


I’m beginning to think the same .
If it’s Arteta, then let’s get behind him .



Fucking hell that Mular guy on twitter must be from the future or something.


Guy is calling out moley hah. Moley is finished on twitter. Only fan he has left is @Arsenal4thetreble


I can’t think of a single thing* they could do that would place more scrutiny on them as a board than appoint a manger with zero experience.

*in the context of running the football side of the the club. they could obviously commit murder or something which would probably bring more scrutiny.