Who would you like to replace Arsène Wenger?


I honestly think treble is just bantering us all. No way he’s taking this moley stuff for real haha


Lol it’s for the sake of discussion. All of OA react to paper talk, why not react to someone who seems to give the same information a week or two and in some cases months, earlier?


There’s reacting to it, and then there’s what you do lol


Anyone else here watch Channel 5’s ‘The Mole’ when they were younger?



What I do is a lot more fun :grin:


Moley fucked it I’m afraid m8.

It’s over lads. Time for whack-a-mole.

And that poor plug kid, getting copious amounts of twitter abuse just as he’s doing his a levels :arteta:

Should have just stuck to revision and not tried to bullshit as an ITK


For you maybe :stuck_out_tongue:


You deserve every ounce of criticism you get when you sit there on a public YouTube channel and say with such confidence that the board want Allegri and Allegri wants Arsenal. And it turns out to be so incredibly far off that it appears at this stage we have never even had a serious interest in him.


True tbh. Moley and this guy basically said he was done. Signed sealed and delivered.

Then it turns out we barely made some contact.
Blatant bullshitting


Really? I’d like to see that we made no contact with Allegri where u getting that? I mean I’m not surprised as I said the club is run by clueless ppl, but I’d at least like to pretend we’ve got a chance of being good again.


Moley and ‘The Plug’ kid only said that Allegri’s representatives would be in London this week to discuss a possible deal from what I remember. It is not far-fetched at all that this actually happened and talks broke down, and Arteta is the back up option.


It’s going to be Max Allegri.
It’s going to be announced this coming Monday.


If Allegri’s representatives were in London, perhaps they were at Chelsea rather than us.
I still don’t know why we haven’t at least considered Conte.


Technically Arteta has better aparatus there because he can control where the players move to display tactics. Nagelsmann with his big screen can only show where players moved in 1 specific instance.


It’s become obvious since January that A4TT is Moley.


He/You were very very late on our actually real signings though


Remember this


Ooh…what do you know? :slight_smile:


My wife , she knows everything.


So not just me who thinks that