Who would you like to replace Arsène Wenger?


Nagelsmann has like 4 suspended cameras looking at every angle of training with an ipad that can control this giant screen so he can teach his players

Meanwhile Arteta over here like…




Actually if you read moley’s tweets he’s always said Arteta was plan b, so yeh.


Sounds like Moley was just another ITK bullshitter who threw enough shit and Plan Bs at the wall to get some stuff right just like every other ITK ever.

Ornstein or bust.




It has probably always been in this way. We were never after Allegri.


So what Moley has done is taken two guys who we were heavily linked and made them our Plan A and Plan B…

Sounds very ITKish to me.


Moley is a trendsetter not a follower. He said we were interested, THEN and only THEN did the media report it. Get it straight.


Why do you care about moley so much. :joy:


Cause he’s been right about so much, and he whiffed once and now he’s a bull shitter, just kinda dumb is all.


What has he been right about exactly? Us signing Auba and Wenger leaving? so two things in the last 6/7 months

Do you know how many people speculated Wenger wouldn’t be here anymore for next season. It wasn’t just Moley


Well he’s also right about a lot of targets we chase. Was on the Manolas thing and everyone called it bull shit, then ur boy Ornstein reported we were after him at the last minute. Malcolm, Max Meyer, there’s a lot more that he mentions and then sure enough it’s in the tabloids a couple days later.


You realize we haven’t signed any of these players right :joy:


Personally I’d like an experienced winning manager, Allegri , Tuchel etc but if it’s Arteta then let’s get behind him . He’ll obviously come with his own backroom staff , new ideas and a new approach. Who knows Bouldy might be able to coach from the touch line again . There isn’t a great deal wrong with our performances , what issues there are can be organised out with better coaching. It’s not like the team is hovering above relegation.


Yeah he’s saying they are targets before any inkling in the media, then the media picks up it and reports it as fact.


So what exactly makes you think he was right about them being targets?

If the media are taking their lead from him and reporting what he says as fact then where is your evidence that he was right?


If I was a genuine ITK with inside knowledge; why would I give the information away for free on Twitter?
Wouldn’t I get more money by selling it directly to media?


So because he is coming out with 20 prospective signings and gets 2 of them right you are inclined to believe he is in any way reliable? If he was an investment consultant you will lose 90% of the money you invest with him. Would you be willing to follow him then?


Jakey ur correct, it’s all to be taken with a grain of salt. However when Moley says we are after Manolas two weeks into Jan, and on deadline day Ornstein reports it and then Sky italia the next day says we failed in a last minute bid, I tend to think that if all those sources are to be trusted at all Moley is just as trustworthy as any smarmy tabloid rag.


That’s summed up my opinion perfectly, thanks.


Ornstein reporter he heard rumours we were interested in David Luiz and Kostas Manolas. That’s what he reported