Who would you like to replace Arsène Wenger?


Can’t believe Arteta will get Wenger’s old office.



Fine. I will use Arsenal from 1983-2007 as an example than. When we had strong people higher up and both Graham and Wenger could excel.


Sure, although the caveat is that’s a bygone era.


There are so many other examples. Chelsea is another one. But let me guess. There the caveat is they have an external benefactor :roll_eyes:.


No, it’s one of the few decent example.

However, I’d argue that they would be more successful if they’d didn’t hamsting their managers by effectively undermining their influence at every turn.

One good season followed by a poor one ad finitum and tbh I see that coming to an end of their current model persists.


Let’s look at it the other way around. What has an Allegri actually proven to get that kind of freedom? Milan had Galliani, who has overseen a lot of the success at Milan, and Juventus has exactly the model I’m referring too.


A trio of back to back doubles and two CL final appearances?


In an environment which I’m describing where all/most of the power doesn’t lie with Allegri, but they have Marotta, Nedved etc. running this.


not my fight but to add to @Darkseid’s argument what might (?) say something about Allegri is that he got the first one with something like a central spine in his formation of Bonucci to Pirlo to Vidal to Tevez who were all influential and had Pogba when Pogba was Pogba. The next time around he had none of them but still got there. This year he was not that far off after two games against RM. Not sure how much credit goes where in this but it does say something I think, there is an argument in there somewhere lol

edit: actually had bonucci both times.


Yeah. You could argue the Juventus higher ups time and time made sure the talent level in the squad is there for Allegri to work with and he just had to coach :wink:.


Then we should hire their higher-ups instead!


It’s all good, but if we go sentimental let’s just keep Wenger :roll_eyes:


Lol since when have you turned into the biggest wenger lover on here luca?


I’m unsure how things will turn out with Arteta( should he get the job), but I’m relatively confident we can’t be worse than the previous 3 seasons under Wenger.


There’s going to be a twist in the tale on the next managerial appointment .
How the fuck do they know what our footballing directors are doing ? They simply don’t .
They knew nothing about Big Sols move from
Shyte Hart Lane .
We are all anxious about the appointment but Sky just guess .


Just saying we have to replace Wenger well, you scot.


That’s not a tactic. That’s a strategy. A strategy that without tactics and everything that encompasses tactics like discipline, defined roles, positioning, etc. is a recipe for disaster.


Moley is saying the Allegri thing broke down because of high salary demands and Arsenal wouldn’t promise transfer funds. They are panicking now because they want to get a manager in asap before the WC in preparation for next season. I know the reaction is gonna be well Moley just changed his story because he doesn’t know shit, however does that not sound like the most Arsenal thing ever?


Repeat after me: Moley knows fuck all. Moley knows fuck all. He pulls shit out of his ass. He pulls shit out of his ass.


Sounds to me like Moley doesn’t know anything tbh. Sounds like he was so confident in Allegri that now it’s clear it’s going to be Arteta, he’s going to make up the most Arsenal like excuse he can think of.

Allegri hasn’t even decided on his future with Juve yet so how has it gotten to the point where he’s allegedly had a meeting with Arsenal, demanded a high salary and transfer budget, been told its not possible and then been moved on as a candidate?

I’m sorry but it’s clear that he just didn’t play a part in our actual process and we wanted a young, fresh coach with new ideas who’d work within our structure.