Who would you like to replace Arsène Wenger?


Why would there be a pre agreement. Makes no sense.




Ancelotti? Might aswell stayed with wenger.


It is absolutely speculation on my part and while I could be wrong, I think that logically, Gazidis wants to put his stamp on the club and now can do so without Wenger around.

I didn’t mean to imply that Arteta would be a puppet for the board (no manager worth his salt would be), but rather he would have much less control and influence than Wenger did (which again, might be a good thing in the long run).

My concern w/Arteta is lack of experience.


Tuttosport is not reliable.


I was hoping we’d bring in an established manager but truth be told, you only really have Allegri and Ancelotti who are in that bracket (maybe one or two others) who also have a good record of winning trophies.

My concern with Arteta, asides from the fact he is a complete rookie, is that he’s not the sort of name a prospective signing will jump to play for. If you had Allegri, I can picture a lot of potential players wanting to come to Arsenal. Arteta? Not so much.

With the support structure we now have (responsibility for player trading is now more shared) then maybe Arteta could just focus on the coaching side. Hopefully the burden is shared so he doesn’t get overwhelmed but it looks like he has the right mentality to be a manager and deal with the pressure.

I still have reservations. Will be very weird for him to be commanding about players he very recently played alongside. Hopefully there isn’t a lack of respect / discipline issue if he comes in. You might very well get guys like Özil or Aubameyang, for example, who don’t really buy into Arteta’s regime. Don’t want another AVB type scenario. Our players don’t appear to be utter cunts like Chelsea’s were, but you have to be concerned that some of our existing players might not buy into Arteta’s new methods etc.


It’s be results and performances in big games that will determine if there will be a player revolt or not.

The players themselves will have a good idea if Arteta is the real deal or not early on I think with his coaching and tactics. He can’t really afford a bad start


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Toothless Arsenal.


Well that applies to basically everything being said on here right now when it comes to our prospective new manager and the new structure recently put in place. Including everything being said to justify the idea of appointing Arteta lol


He should get Guardiola as his assistant if it’s true they’re at a point where they are discussing backroom additions.


Arteta and Santi gonna lead us to the quad!


People at the positions of Mislintat and Sanhelli are here for the long term. Coaches are passer-bys in 3/4 year cycles, usually. It’s only natural the power lies more with the people who are there for the long term.


The power should always be with the manager. Why? Because he’s the foremost football expert at any football club. What goes on in training and on the pitch affects the club most of all.

I’m sure these guys excel in their respective fields but what do Gazidis, Mislintat and Sanhelli actually know about intricacies of football management ie tactics, coaching and getting results? They should always be tools of a competent manager in order to implement his ideals.

The manager should have have final/majority say. If you’ve hired right this won’t be an issue


Cant imagine Santi in any coaching role tbh. As magical a player as he is i just dont feel he has a tactical understanding of football.



A pity approach :rofl:


It’s also a matter of accountability for me. If the manager makes bad signings and bad decisions off the pitch it’s clear for all to see. The situation as it is growing with us makes accountability very difficult, not just for fans but also at the board level. The manager should always be in control, and should always be the first to take responsibility at a club in my opinion.


Why do a lot of managers excel/win at Bayern, Barcelona or Juventus? Because there is a proper platform in place created by people higher up the organization. You can’t give most of the power to manager simply because they are here for the short term. Which doesn’t mean he shouldn’t have a voice in player recruitment at all. Guys like Mislintat, Sanhelli and Gazidis are actually responsible for the long term direction of the club.


Good point, but at least at Barcelona the members can effectively hold the board to account every 4/5 years if decisions off the pitch are having a negative impact on the club. Also most top managers will want more or less absolute control. Guardiola demanded control over pretty much every aspect of Barca during his time there, from signings to the day-to-day running of the club.


It’s also a bit of a cop out to use Bayern and Juventus as examples because they dominate heir respective leagues with ease, competition is almost a joke.

An approach contrary to most of the power resting with the manager is rarely successfully and even when it is there’s a disparity in talent of said team compared to that of ours and the like.