Who would you like to replace Arsène Wenger?


lol I won’t I’ll just be relieved. Maybe quote Luca a bit but that’s it.

Cos I still have reservations but am just thinking, ‘fuck it let’s get on board we wanted change and am I fuck not getting hyped about Artetea Xabi Alonso double team at Arsenal next season’.

It’s @AbouCuellar you have to worry about. :arteta:

@jmb27 yeah you made some fair points, but it does seem many European clubs like Barcelona, Bayern, Real Madrid etc have this structure (even Chelsea to some extent) and it may be a way to go, and I guess I trust Gazidis a little more than you seem to but we’ll just have to see how it plays out.



TRERTETA > Tuchel > Enrique >>>>>>>



I don’t see why this is a given.


I think this is total speculation tbh. We have a few press rumours re Enrique which I doubt are true cause I really doubt we even approached him or he was even on the shortlist in the first place, and really not much else. There’s nothing to suggest Arteta is some puppet hiring for the board, that’s a total nonsense narrative that hand-wringers have made up in recent weeks because they are frozen by the trauma of the last 7-8 years of Wenger.

Yeah, that’s a nonsense statement. Frankly a young manager with ideas like Arteta is far more likely to “rock the boat” than a more conservative Allegri type, the first choice of people like Darkseid.


Arteta is not even confirmed and he is already dividing fan opinions.



This fella predicted Arteta back in 2012.


I think I’m coming round to the appointment of Arteta, as I said earlier in this thread, I personally would have liked Jardim, but, and it’s still a big but, because no-one really has a clue whats going on, if it is Arteta, then that might be a great move.
All of the coaches we’ve been asking for are very young, Jardim, Tuchel, Nagellsman, none of them have masses of experience.
If Arteta has picked up ideas from Wenger and Guardiola, then maybe, just maybe it could be an inspired choice…
As I said, whoever gets the job will have my full support, roll on next season…Good times are coming…


Perhaps because he’d be eternally grateful that he has been given the opportunity in the first place?

He could definitely shake up the club with regard to coaching (it’s a must) but I meant him attempting to challenge Gazidis

If he were to be appointed I’d actually like nothing more than him being the real deal and challenging Gazidis on occasion especially based on results he starts to achieve.


This is for @Phoebica :wink:


I’d imagine what Gazidis wants with the next manager is a partnership. He was never Wengers equal and there’s nothing to indictae he wanted to be some sort of dictator (he stuck it out for the guts of a decade with no power) so I think it’s pure projection to say because Arteta might be so greatful that he wouldn’t speak up against Gazidis.

If he has the bottle to take this job as his first in management then he better have the bottle to fight to achieve what he wants to achieve.


You can call it projection just like I could say it’s the same to say Gazidis wants a partnership with a young inexperienced manager rather than more control.

And I don’t quite buy the bottle argument either, anyone would jump at the chance to manager here bottle doesn’t come into it that much.


Well, you expect to replace Wenger with someone better than him.


I accept that completely. Just giving my take on things.


Tbf that’s very easy. Wenger of 17/18 is awful one of leagues worst managers


It’s all good, as I said I’d want nothing less than Arteta to be vocal and willing to speak up.

Don’t see how it works any other way.





Arteta is still not at his level because he has zero experience as manager.


Oh shit. What have we done.


We’ll see. I predict Arteta 18/19 will do much better than Wenger in 17/18. Although that’s not hard he’s just got to win a few away games :joy:




Spanner in the works??