Who would you like to replace Arsène Wenger?


Now the mask slips, behind this online persona is an avid unionist. Now it all makes sense :sunglasses:


Hahahaha I actually did have a partiality towards rangers in my primary 1 days but quickly learnt my lesson


This. Who wants to know what’s coming? Let’s take the risk. As they say, if you’re not living on the edge, you’re taking up too much space :sunglasses:



Our new manager


I’m now convinced the club was simply not interested in anybody else but Arteta from the start.

I don’t think they sounded out anybody else for the role.


Not enough for that to have played any significant role in the decision.


Would add credence to the belief that Gazidis wants someone that’s malleable and easier to control.

It’s boom or bust on this one, either he’s the real chosen one or a complete shambles. There’s the sense of intrigue that we don’t know exactly what we would be getting should he be appoinited and it’s definitely a choice that’s come out of left field. However, I’d still prefer a much more experienced manager to be the one to deal with the initial overhaul that’s required.

Arteta would have a hell of a lot to contend with regarding culture, mentality and tactical prowess. If it’s him in the dug out come next season I hope he has the full capacity to deal with everything. I doubt most will have patience if it isn’t the case.


Probably more of having a manager that will agree to work within that structure and not usurp or exert more control. The club probably (rightfully) doesn’t want one person to have the influence that Wenger had over the whole club.

Still, I think that Arteta is a risk that isn’t necessary at this point. Other younger managers out there with a track record that would work or have worked within club structures.

Hope that I’m wrong, but picking Arteta feels like Arsenal’s top choices either said no or no to the structure Gazidis wants.


This is a good thing though. Wenger had far too much control. Our new structure looks like a positive one and If Arteta is brought in, it sounds like it will be purely as a head coach not as a general manager.

He’s not many people’s first choice but the negativity surrounding the appointment is too OTT. You’d think we were hiring Iain Dowie!


It’s not a good thing if the new structure is deterring or doesn’t allow top managers with proven methods from seeking the job.

The manager should always have majority say over football related matters. People like Sven and Raul should be his tools in implentmenting his ideals


I’m not sure how an experienced manager can usurp the structure put in place really or exert more control.

They would come in knowing full well there is Sven and Sanllehi would have considerable influence as well as Gazidis, perhaps he simply doesn’t want someone that would actually have the balls and experience to question and air their full views on occasion.

Arteta won’t rock the boat that’s for sure.


The club will get stick no matter what from some. Taking control away from the manager, ‘noone will want to come here under this shitty structure!!! Ivan on a power trip ego job, they just want a yes man!!’

Keeping control with the manager: ‘Will end up with another dictatorial manager!!!’

Arsenal say they’ve done a thorough process: ‘why aren’t they hurrying up!!! World cup soon!!!’

Arsenal about to announce new manager this week:‘sounds like they’ve rushed this decision what a joke!!!’

Turns out they looked at other managers before arteta: ‘wasnt even their first choice, became beggars in the end!!!’

Turns out Arteta may be their first choice: ‘stupid board didn’t even consider all options!!!’

These people then go on to overrate Chelsea and Spurs spending/the way they’re run as if they’ve been buying worldies and not Barkley, Drinkwater, Giroud etc

And acting like Man City’s money will guarantee success when before Pep that wasn’t true. Or Man United who won the league more when they spent less money than now when they splash out.

Look I get it, I would much rather have had Tuchel, Enrique or Allegri be in the job and Arteta has never managed before so I too have some concerns.

But the 'structure’s jobs are on the line here, so why not trust that these highly qualified people have made the decision they feel is best for the club, and give it a chance at least until it goes tits up?

I’ve actually been quite impressed with the way the club has been run recently, with the way it looks like we got a new manager pretty soon, just as the transfer market is open.

The future looks pretty clear. Compare that to other clubs like Everton and Chelsea who are looking for new managers and are nowhere near making an appointment yet.

Also looks like we’re close to making our first signing of the summer (a young CB) with a somewhat coherent plan in place.

There are many things to be happy about. We wanted change, we got change. Sick of some of the betas in our fanbase tbh.


To keep it real you were one of these “betas” not too long ago bruh…lol.


Not in terms of crying about how we are shit and will never do anything because money and Chelsea/City/United are too hard to compete with :cry: and whatnot.

It’s the constant complaining from some attention seeking crybabies like those on AFTV that gets me, like no matter what the club do they will have something to be salty about and it pisses me off.

They wanted Wenger out, and they got Wenger out.

Personally, I think this squad is a lot better than it has been made to look in recent years and anybody with some basic competence that is in tune with today’s methods should do much better in terms of points at least.


Sure. Maybe a better way to say it is that a more experienced manager would want more control and isn’t willing to give that up to manage at Arsenal.

While the structure overall might be a good one longer term for Arsenal, I am curious to see how Arsenal will be in the transfer market. Sven/Sanllehi’s pull and or contacts will be the main drawing card (obviously) as young, unknown manager won’t have the pull of the talent we would like to see Arsenal add to the mix.

While I see Arteta as a major unnecessary risk, I’ll be cheering him on and hoping for the best.

EDIT: On a related note, I guess we’ll now see if the “warchest” for the transfer market really was there. :ozil2:


Just jump on the hype train… you know you want to :grin:


Oh, I’ll be convinced that Arsenal will challenge for the title come August (assuming that some defenders are signed), don’t worry.

If the new manager will put Auba/Laca on the field at the same time and figure out why the team folds like a cheap lawn chair on the road, Arsenal will move up a few places on the table.


That’s it really, I’ll be fully behind him if he’s appointed and hope to see what has convinced Gazidis and co why he’s the right man for the job. He’s clearly very intelligent and I had little doubt he could potentially be a good manager with time, it’s just that’s it’s a crazy fast track he’s on to replace Wenger so there is a sense of trepidation and rightfully so.

@Electrifying: You aren’t going to be super smug bastard if he turns out to be a great appointment are you? Haha, fuck it. I know you will.


There is a balance between the two. Wenger had too much control, I think that the pendulum is going too far towards the board now, which limits the managerial candidates pool quite a bit. Sven/Sanellhi’s positions should be there to assist the manager put his plan/team in place, not the other way around.

Because I don’t have that much confidence in Gazidis.

This I do agree w/. Getting Auba from matchday 1 is going to make almost any manager look smart. Great talent in the prime of his career. I am actually interested in the transfer market to see what Arsenal do in terms of spending and whether or not Arsenal get targets in PRIOR to the season starting rather than the brinksmanship of trying to negotiate a somewhat smaller transfer fee.