Who would you like to replace Arsène Wenger?




He’ll be in place by the time the transfer window begins by the sounds of things.

I’m really hoping this shite about £50 million transfer budget being the reason Allegri and Enrique stayed away is bollocks.

We need considerable high quality upgrades, these guys need to prove they want to challenge for the highest honours man.

We have to back Arteta as much as possible.

It surely is more than that, the big ITKs who called Arteta didn’t really mention anything about that figure so may be bullshit.

That sum itself though should go towards securing a top quality CB.


Momentum definitely behind Mikel Arteta as next #afc manager at the moment. Other names are still under consideration - Gazidis committed to a rigorous process - but with Hoffenheim ruling out Nagelsmann, he's looking more and more like the front-runner.

— James Olley (@JamesOlley) 15 mei 2018

Olley confirming what has been reported by The Independent or just copying it.


This isn’t actually happening is it?!


This is weird. Im very worried and excited at the same time of this appointment. Either it goes horrible wrong and he is sacked after 3 months, or it turns out he can actually manage a HUGE football club, hoping for the latter ofc. Im an Arsenal fan and i will support whoever gets appointed COYG


I wonder how much money the club will save on Arteta’s salary compared to what they were paying Arsene Wenger.


I hope not. Whoever we appoint and whatever happens at the start of the season – even if we lose a few games, the manager should be given time. A season , probably two, at the very least.


You’ll be moving this to the Arsenal section soon enough mate :henry2:

@Phoebica only if there is genuine progress in the way we play, defend and set up as a team imo.

If it is blatant we are free falling further like Moyes United, then he should be let go.



His first objective would be to win the Europa League. That’s the only measure I will apply on him. There is a bit more competition next year with Chelsea and Internazionale, but Arsenal has the squad and the resources to win it.


After just 3 months though? That’s ludicrous.

No new manager can be expected to transform a team in that amount of time.


I mean Liverpool showed some progress with Klopp in three months.

I’m not asking for a huge progress, just something to show we may be on the right track. An awesome performance in a big game, a day where they play amazing football etc.

(Like Pep when City beat Barcelona in the group stage game in 2016).

Humping Man united at some point would also be encouraged lol


Neither of those sides are stronger than Atletico, so the Europa League next season won’t be tougher than this season IMO. Obviously it’s dependant on who gets relegated from the CL group stage also.


I honestly hope Guardiola and Pochettino wanted to add Arteta to their staff on the bases of his abilities and not because they are mates. It’s difficult to get enthusiastic about this appointment.


Why aren’t we attracting the best managers ?
Something is very fundamentally wrong as to why we are allegedly going for a non experienced man .
This isn’t good .


Rustled motherfucker.



Gazidis has never spoken out experience to be something he is looking for.


Actually they didn’t, they were on a worse points per game than under Rodgers


Maybe not with results but fans I knew were happy with how the team had improved their play, and the pressing he introduced was taking hold.

That’s the same with me, more than results I’ll be looking at improvements in how the players play.

@Persona be careful what you wish for :arteta:


I am gonna give him a chance, but i don’t think he can do better than Wenga.


@Electrifying =Arteta’s brother.


He has been one of my favourites since 2003