Who would you like to replace Arsène Wenger?


This has disaster written all over it and just shows how grossly ill prepared our board are to make important decisions for the clubs future.

He’s a coach. With no experience of management in any capacity.

This is the club hoping they could find Pep II on the cheap but they’re going to be in for a shock when they realise that you need a whole host of different players to play like that.


Spot on. Just because he works with Pep doesn’t mean he is as good as him.


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I wonder if our #1/#2 options (Allegri and Tuchel) being out of reach for a season or two respectively has anything to do with this decision. Arteta basically comes in with no expectations whatsoever, it goes either way from here until maybe one of those two coaches becomes available.

I don’t know, it’s all speculative but it really does look like Mikel is going to be our new manager. Both excited and horrified at the same time!


The idea of Arteta is worse than Giggs becoming the united manager. This is going to be such a disaster.


I’m expecting the next manager to at least make some points progress and to not bottle the Europa League.

It can’t be both ways, Arteta can’t be this genius waiting to be unleashed and also a total rookie that gets a free pass for being shit.

I’ll be disappointed if he’s just a glorified caretaker manager.


Could be Gazidis massaging his own ego in the comparison of David Dein sounding out Arsene all those years ago and made to look like a soothsayer. It’s a sideways move in the very sense of the notion.

Seems we’re going polar opposites with this appointment. Going for (rumoured) top coaches; Allegri, Tuchel, Enrique, Rodgers to out of obscurity picks of; Arteta and Buvac. There’s no in-between of a Jardim seemingly being sought after.


I like that the board are being brutal.

And over the last year I think they’ve done well, bringing in Sven – one of the best scouts plus Barca’s DoF, Raul Sanllehí. And the likes of Huss Fahmy and Darren Burgess too. I don’t think they’d go to all that effort just to pick the new coach out of a hat.

Besides, we have a structure in place now, so if we got Arteta in, all he’d literally have to do is coach.


Sorry, what?


We will be no better with Arteta than we were with Wenger. Really hope it’s a case of much ado about nothing and the board surprise us with a name that has completely gone under the radar of the news outlets.

Out of this array of bad choices, I’m much more inclined to give the job to Vieira than to Arteta. Arteta would probably be the last person I’d want us to give the job to.


Rightly or wrongly this wont capture any respect in the dressing room.


The Telegraph is reporting West Ham actually met with Fonseca.


I hope this is not the reason for Gazidis and the others too choose him.

@Stroller why not? The majorty of this squad knows Arteta already on a personal level. If they think he’s a good guy etc. I’m inclined to think they are going to respect him. Unless they find him a proper cunt.


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Have we? Cazorla’s and Kosceilny’s careers are over because of injuries. Welbeck’s been out constantly


Sounds like he used to but our bitch players weren’t having it because he wasn’t the manager. That’s about to change now.

You guys are gonna have to come round to him soon enough.

At least give him a chance.



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Re the backroom clear out, I feel like Gazidis has wanted to do that for a long time, but probably couldn’t


Arseteta F.C.

Like I said, i’m sure the board wouldn’t go to the trouble to appoint some of the best names in the business behind the scenes, only to get to the manager and think “fuck it”.

Arteta will be more of a head coach anyway. And his coaching has been highly praised by various people.

I’m on the Arteta train now. Mind you, whoever we appointed i’d jump on their train :grin: