Who would you like to replace Arsène Wenger?


I mean this is good and bad news for me.

Our players may not die now, but I will have to retire my Dr Nick avatar


Maybe arteta ain’t gonna be our manager maybe manager the u23s or something, just can’t see it happening


ORNSTEINNNNNNN retweeted this. Absolute SAVAGE from us :giroud3: :giroud3: LOVE IT.


No fucking way is shit like this going down for fucking arteta to be our manager it doesn’t make sense


Lads…I just realised…This is all happening so Mikel can bring in the finest quality…


Into the club from Pep.

:giroud3: love it.




That makes a mockery of my argument, dammit you are right


Actual buzzing for Arteta getting the job now my #1 target Allegri is staying at Juve


Ivan being Billy Big Balls now that Wenger is gone Denz

We’ve been asking for change and now we’re getting it in spades, hopefully it isn’t to the club’s detriment.


Me too. Sounds pretty perfect for the job (as perfect as you can sound having never managed the club looool)

Not a small dicker, seems to have ruffled feathers by telling our soft fuck players what’s what while he was playing, etc. Etc.


New era folks.


Many convincing themselves Arteta is the man now eh.

I don’t like the fact that if he were to be appointed he would essentially be learning on the job, how long would he get? Three years? These are the peak years of the few world class players we have, we could potentially end up pissing them away on someone that was given a top job before he’s truly ready.


I still think it’s Allegri no way all these changes happen for fucking arteta





Bould may have an offer to be the Stoke manager so may take that over the assistant role here. Would be a shame, I’d like him to stay on and make his mark in a way he may not have been able to until now.


That video :joy::joy::joy::joy::joy:


If he does get the job I won’t ever be using the caveat ‘he’s still learning’ in defence of any results.

I won’t lower expectations for this club for any manager tbh.


I agree since he would have obviously have convinced them he’s the right guy i.e. a ‘revolutionary genius’ with an exceptional vision for the club right? Surely he wouldn’t have got the job just because he’s an ex-player that has worked with Pep and so he should be judged as such.

He will have the structure in place as well as money to spend, if he is the guy they bring in and it subsequently goes tits up excuses won’t be acceptable.



:flushed: :flushed: :joy: :joy:




Who? Post it. Thanks.


Your smiles are annoying, tbh.


Imagine not rating Arteta as a player and rating him as a coach…if true he’s better as a coach than he was as a player he’ll be better than Pep.



Can Arteta kick our players in the ass when needed? Can he be ruthless? I don’t think so. He will be seen like one of them by our players.