Who would you like to replace Arsène Wenger?


I don’t think there’s a chance of that happening. One thing I expect from Arteta, at the very least, is a clear attempt to depart from Wenger. He has insight into common flaws and strong sense of his own vision it seems.

The issue for me is: does Arteta have the ability to be effective in implementing his ideals as a manager over the course of a season.


I mean Pep at least managed the B team at Barcelona. This guy is going straight from being Pep’s number 3 or 4 to one of the biggest jobs in European football lol


Every time I get mildly positive about Arteta potentially becoming coach I just remember that above haha

There is absolutely no way we can know how well Arteta is at putting his ideas and plans, no matter how well articulated they are, into practice. For that reason I think it’s too early on in his coaching career to consider him


I just meant that I don’t think the reason he didn’t coach here is because he wasn’t offered a position, but that even if he was he obviously would have turned it down to work with Pep instead of Wenger.


If he had a spine, he would refuse the job, knowing full well that he isn’t prepared. If he really gave a shit about the club. (But almost certainly he won’t).



I love our fans


Raneri?! wtf


Nice a 2 day manager course for 200 £


Who is gunner be Artetas assistant? Is Leah Wenger ready yet?






Give the job to Bouldy
He would do a far better job than Arteta


Id kill for a Brendan Rodgers rumour right now.




Fucking hell what did Lewy do wrong?!

Huge back room staff changes. Maybe the new manager has requested his own staff?


Ranieri ffs :arteta:

Our fans can be such idiots. Arteta isn’t my first choice either.

While we have no idea if he will be good, we also have no idea if he’s shit either.

So why not give him the chance and back the club? We wanted change, we got it.


A lot it seems, all these injuries fucking us over for many seasons maybe we can honestly do better with these as we have recruited some fitness staff since last summer. Shame though in a way he seems a loved guy and a decent bloke but no sentiment anymore.


We’ve been fine the last 3 seasons since Shad came in. Don’t think our injuries were down to Lewin.


He’s part of Wenger. Love how we are purging all his staff aswell so we’ve got a clean break.


What, like his left nutsack? :poldi:


Lot of rumours about Arteta but don’t think he would get rid of Colin Lewin. However, you would expect an experienced manager to bring in his own guys. This development suggests a manager with a few years of experience and his own favoured entourage.

I mean, it could still be Arteta but doesn’t make sense for him to have his own medical guy already given that he’s not actually managed anywhere yet. Although he could just be a bit of a cut throat bastard with his own ideas and wants a clear out. Fuck knows.

It could also just mean the club are using Wenger’s departure to get rid of what they consider to be “deadwood” staff, and maybe its Mislintat or the Barca bloke wanting to bring their own people in.

Interesting development in any event, hopefully means an appointment will be made soon.