Who would you like to replace Arsène Wenger?


What has he done at Man City, since he left us, to make our board think he is the best man to take over one of the biggest clubs in Europe that need a complete overhaul?


This might be a radical idea – but perhaps the board are privy to more information than we are?

Perhaps they’ve heard his vision and like it. And they have access to all the people working in football, people who’ve worked with Arteta – coaches, players, scouts, who’ll know far more about Arteta’s managerial potential than we do.

All we see is him sitting with Pep on the bench each week. We have no idea what goes on behind the scenes.

They wouldn’t just hire him because he played for us.


Trerteta HERE WE COME!



BTW. Bit disappointed Ornstein came up with only two names?!

But for some reason I do feel like this is the cause for Arsenal thinking about him in the first place whilst there might be other better reasons to actually appoint him.


If Arteta somehow becomes the new manager it’ll have confirmed my belief that the board is a bunch of spineless incompetent liars who only care for power and their pockets.

On one hand you sack the longest serving manager in the club’s history after 2 poor seasons out of 22 and 1 of them where you hamstrung him with forced decisions and on the other hand you go an appoint a guy who hasn’t even been a proper asst. manager in his career.

And by the looks of it, Arteta will be the man at the helm next season as the board has clearly shown no vision or planning before taking a decision that could impact the next decade for the club.

Gazadis is cancer and needs to be cut out as soon as possible.


If he’s that visionary then Man City would keep him there.
It’s not as if he is Guardiola’s main man, he is just one of them.

They would hire him because he would be a lot cheaper than getting a proper manager.


Won’t prove anything of the sort.


Unbelievable scenes.

@AbouCuellar @Phoebica @Calum and I on the arteta train taking names and kicking asses :arteta:

While we go balls out with Sven in the transfer window and @shamrockgooner finds all the Wenger ‘financially hamstrung’ apologists and hits them with the FACHTS.

What a time to be alive, what a summer to be alive!!!


Next season this is ARTREBLE!!!

:flushed: :flushed: :joy: :joy:













Ranteta. What we’ll all be doing when he loses his first game.




My boy Mullar has confirmed Arteta is the manager. The Arteta era begins.


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I hope arteta is a manager who has big plans on how he wants to play and big/clear ideas on how to make it happen. The thing I’m most fearful of is him opting for the approach of lets keep most things the same and tweak it here and there.



The Arteta Era.