Who will be the next manager?


Is Allegri really going to leave the Italian and maybe European champions to come to a 6th place club to try and get into the top 4 for the next year or two?

I remember people saying Klopp was probably a little desperate and took the only half decent job that was going when he became the Liverpool manager but I don’t think our position now is much different to theirs then. Decent squad, decent club, money to spend if needed but not as much as the top guns and that was when his stock was relatively low after a poor final season. This guy is about to pick up his third league title in a row and most likely his second CL final in 3 years. If you could grade coaches on form, he’s arguably the “top” coach in Europe right now.

You can have a chance to make a difference and build a legacy here but for a coach who is very much at the top right now? I just don’t see it. When Pep fancied a fresh challenge he took Bayern and then City. When Mourinho did it he went from Inter to Madrid. Ancelotti from PSG to Madrid. If we think we’re now unlikely to attract players like Lacazette, why do we think we’re going to be able to snag the top coach in Europe?

Even when we were seriously linked to him before I think we were sitting around 3rd and playing decent football and maybe the prospect could be spun as give this team a bit more sparkle and it could really be a force, but right now whatever way you spin it the job looks like a big rebuilding one. We can’t have any arrogance and assume that we’re in some way more deserving or more likely to achieve success than the likes of Liverpool, United and Spurs. We could do well but still be looking at 5th/6th in the next couple of years.

Wenger is seriously fucking up right now though. It really isn’t going to take the finest coaches in Europe to improve this mess. We need a positive change this summer but we shouldn’t be expecting the guy who comes after Wenger to be the one perfect saviour.


Every chance we sign a big established, proven quality manger. The club has no MO either way given that it’s 20 years since we made such an appointment.


I think you can look at the clubs transfer dealings and get a pretty solid idea of the clubs “MO”. They skimp on top players, why would they not do the same for hiring a new manager?


They have never been skimp on Wenger’s salary though, so maybe we have some sort of hope.


Nope. That’s Wengers MO.


I don’t think it’s just a matter of skimping, I don’t think we can attract a top level manager, we have money but not enough to be consistently competitive with the best resourced teams in our league of which there are at least three. We have a massive upheaval coming when Wenger goes that makes the job of the next manager incredibly difficult and a risk for anyone with a big reputation, and we are simply not a club that prioritises winning.

So yeah, we can offer some wages and better resources than most, but not enough to really do something remarkable. I don’t think we can get a top manager even if the club goes out with the intention to get one, and that’s not a given.


Yea some fair points there, We’ve more good than bad on our side though so ultimately i think a top class manager who is interested in a move isn’t going to be put off.


Lol, yeah but if anyone at Arsenal had an idea of how to run a club do you think that behavior would be allowed?


I’d love Allegri but I’m not expecting anything (if Wenger even leaves!), but there’s a tier below that who you’d think we should be able to attract who would be a big step up above someone fairly unknown coming from a small club.

My knowledge isn’t what it once was but managers like Emery or Sampaoli have good pedigree and shouldn’t be beyond our grasp. If we make an appointment like that then even if it doesn’t work out I wouldn’t blame the decision makers, because I’d feel like they’d gone out and hired what looked like the best they could. You have the slight worry that we could end up doing the equivalent of hiring a Moyes, which for us would probably be giving Martinez a three year deal.


our poor season isnt a fair reflection of our status, potential or attraction to new managers imo.

We were 2nd last season, 3rd before that. Have a modern stadium, a huge fanbase and we are monumentally huge club/commercial powerhouse that is only going to get bigger.

A tactically competant manager would (id imagine) take our exact squad and do wonders, and the premise that we require a full rework from the ground up is a tad premature at this stage.

Neither Chelsea or United have collapsed or lost any kind of status after their bad season(s), why would we?


I don’t give a fuck who it is aslong as it isn’t Wenger.


Because we’re not considered heavy hitters by the talking heads. And people love Arsenal in turmoil… one of the downsides of having ex-players as pundits and bitchy fanbase. We are some miserable cunts, us Arsenal fans.


That’s assuming that a new manager would have the exact same squad next season, which is a huge question mark at this point. There’s also more than one position that needs to be looked at and improved upon this summer.

One has had plenty of recent success and the other is the biggest football club in England and in the top3 in the world.

We’re certainly not going to fall off a cliff in terms of attractiveness but at the same time Arsenal is hardly a club moving forward right now. There’s still going to be plenty of managers interested, just maybe not the dream appointment.


i meant with regards to this season, not next. i.e. we really arent as bad as it seems.


I’m assuming that this statement isn’t meant to be taken literally.


id say its fair to assume its not.


Anyone except Moyes :wink:




I’d say it’s fair to assume not


Ok him aswell. :joy: As he’s the poundshop Wenger and the real one is bad enough.

Anyone else though could do a better job than Wenger is doing.