Who will be the next manager?


Can’t see Wenger taking orders from a DoF, not after what he has built during his tenure. Overmars would be, at best, a tool for Wenger.

However, if a new manager was on the horizon, it could just as easily be a role reversal.


You can’t see it, but it’s time for the club to reduce his power. If he isn’t happy he can leave.


He goes or stays for me. Anything else is just garnish. Bring a DoF in now and he will just play politics with him.
Benitez had a meltdown like this at Liverpool. It becomes unworkable.


So badly wish we could get Allegri, thrashed Barca 3-0 first leg then shut them out in the 2nd leg…we cant even fucking shut out middlesborough, but we all know this fucking manager will not leave this goddamn club. It is beyond frustrating if we showed some ambition we could poach Allegri i reckon, offer him 10m a year and i reckon he would come…but no we are stuck with some fucker stealing a living, really am starting to hate Arsene, the longer he stays the more we stagnate and more top managers pass us by, why are we holding onto the fucking cunt he is nearly 70 FFS what more can he offer us other than misery!


aaagghhhhh was watching a video on Sead, and one of the people in the youtube comments said that Allegri desperately wanted him, and recently Wenger said he has not told any players what his future will be so i suppose that means he would not have told him either…PLEASE I BEG YOU, let this be the truth and let this be a signing for Allegri…its probably got a 0.0000000000001% chance of happening but would be awesome!


what an adventure that was.


Probably the least credible source of information you’ll find on the internet lol


I know this hence why i said it has 0.00000000000001% of being true or happening, its just the straw clutching in hope we can get a top manager and wenger will just leave before this club cannot recover from its decline!


A director of football and coach/trainer relationship is not (always) a relationship of boss/subordinate.




Will take anyone over wenger. Anyone. Someone please save us.


Pls Monaco win the league so Emery gets the sack and PSG go HARD for Wenger.

Wenger joins them and we get somebody with good ideas for this decade.


What about Emery? Had a bit of a tough time of it, but is he officially hopeless? He’s still on course for an 86-89 point season which is still good for Ligue 1 after losing all Zlatan’s goals.

I seem to remember him being wanted last year but I’m hoping this year hasn’t been so bad to put people off? If PSG want Wenger then he’s definitely available.


I wouldn’t call an 86-89 point tally overly impressive for PSG considering the league they are in, coupled with the wage bill they have. Obviously it’s still a decent amount of points, but probably the absolute bare minimum you’d expect.


Allegri or nothing. Don’t see why thr club can’t go big.


I’d take Simeone also, not that I can see him coming to England.


Well they’ve won the last 4 titles with 83, 89, 83 and 96 points, so I’d not be too hasty to discount an 86-89 point season.

That 96 was a freak with Zlatan getting nearly 40 goals and Cavani chipping in too, something Emery hasn’t had the luxury of. And there’s actually been real competition this year from the start so they’ve been under pressure that might not have as bad before.

Either way, it’s not a massive failure. I just seem to remember people wanting him last year and from my limited watching I don’t think he’s been so bad that people’s minds should be changed.


Our club is hopeless guys, we really need new management with a vision. The club is in such a rut I really don’t want anyone currently associated with the club to remain here. Wish someone would just clean house.


I was leaning towards Simeone but I’m in the Alleger camp now.
With a few decent signings he could transform our club.

I don’t know what he is earning at Juventus, but I’m fairly sure it won’t be anything near what Wenger is earning here.
So I’m sure he would be tempted by bigger wages, a bigger transfer budget and the chance to manage in the biggest League in Europe, against the likes of Guardiola, Mourinho, Klopp, Conte and Pochettino.


No chance we sign a big established, proven quality manager. It will be someone from a much smaller club making the step up, not someone from a big European club.


Yeah that is likely because we are peasants with no ambition. Seriously don’t see how the fans have benefited from the stadium move from Highbury to the Emirates.