Who will be relegated in 2016/17?

  • Bournemouth
  • Middlesbrough
  • Leicester
  • Swansea
  • Hull
  • Crystal Palace
  • Sunderland

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So normally is round about the time of year where the relegation battle begins to really get going. And it’s fair to say teams that looked certain to go down a few weeks ago like Swansea and Hull have been revilised under new management.

After today’s results, here’s how the bottom 7 currently looks. All very close after today.

            G GD  P                     

14 Bournemouth 24 -12 26
15 Middlesbrough 23 -7 21
16 Leicester 23 -14 21
17 Swansea 23 -24 21

18 Hull 24 -25 20
19 Crystal Palace 24 -13 19
20 Sunderland 24 -18 19

So the question is simple, which three clubs do you think will go down? The poll is multi choice :slight_smile:

Arsenal :wink: :xhaka:

Apart from joke, i’d say Palace, Sunderland and one between Bournemouth and Leicester on current form.

Palace for sure, but I don’t know the rest. I vote for Palace, Sunderland and Boro.

Few weeks ago it looked a lock on for Hull Sunderland and Swansea to go down.

Now I think it’s Palace, Leicester and Sunderland

I’d be very disappointed if Palace go down. Hope big Sam turns it around

This is my favourite gfi quote :slight_smile:

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At least you don’t hate me :wink: :xhaka:

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I don’t know but it will be fucking hilarious if Leicester get relegated.


Ranieri, from hero to zero in just one year :poldi:

I seriously think Leics are going to get the Honour of first ever Champions to be relegated…

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City as well.

It would mean another trophy.

Even funnier would be if they won the CL.

Middlesbrough: don’t score enough goals

Hull: bit of a new manager bounce, but general lack of quality will tell

Sunderland: filling your squad with United + Everton cast-offs doesn’t cut it for me.


The pressure starting to mount on the Foxes :eyes:

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Second* :wink:

Manchester City won their first ever league title in the 1936/7 season and then got relegated the following season.

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I see them doing enough to get out of the rut. But they really do look a mess without Kante in their team. Amazing losing one player can do to a team.

Sad to see Ranieri about to get the sack after what he did last season. I think it’s all down to the players.

To me it’s unthinkable that he will get the sack. Almost to the point that it will lessen even more my respect for modern football. I remember laughing at the idea that West Ham might sack Fat Sam after he took them up. This is an even more extreme scenario. Leicester are unfortunate to be in the position they’re in, but they just can’t sack him. If i were a Leicester fan I’d be looking at the players’ roles in this far more.

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be honest, did you google that?!

[quote=“TA-6, post:19, topic:1209, full:true”]
be honest, did you google that?!
[/quote]It’s been mentioned a few times in the past 12 months, back to when Chelsea were having their poor season as well. I mentioned the stat again recently on here. So it’s not that unknown really :gunnersaurus: