Who will be relegated in 2016/17?

Exactly. It’s all down to the players. They think they don’t need to show anything after winning the league last season. But it’s the second season the difficult one.

As @Mysty said that record has been mentioned a few times over the past two seasons, so I did know that Cory had done it before and thought it was in the late 30s. So at that point I googled it cos I thought I might as well get the exact season for the those who like pointless trivia

Things have really taken a shake up in the last few weeks. Leicester sack Raneri and have promptly won their next two games, suddenly started giving a shit.

Palace also finding some form as well now, while Middlesbrough now drop into the bottom 3.

            G  GD   P

14 Bournemouth 27 -15 27
15 Leicester 27 -15 27
16 Swansea 27 -24 27
17 Crystal Palace 27 -11 25

18 Middlesbrough 27 -11 22
19 Hull 27 -29 21
20 Sunderland 26 -24 19

I really hope they go down. They’ve relied so much on keeping things tight at the back, but appalling weak up front, by far the lowest goal scorers in the League. Their negative style has caught up with them and unless they find a solution to their goal problem, they’re going straight back down.

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Guessing Hull, Sunderland, and Boro. Crystal Palace are playing below their level for me, regardless of any magic that Sam might bring to the “keep them up” equation. I can see Swans, LC, and CP start to distance themselves and possibly could see Bournemouth continue to struggle and maybe get pulled into the bottom 4.

A crying shame that it won’t be Leicester, but I think the three that are in there now will go down, which isn’t really a good argument for Not firing your manager when it gets tough.

Although I expect Karanka may get sacked next anyway, possibly Moyes too, which would pretty much complete the set of the bottom teams all being trigger happy

Current bottom 3 I think are pretty likely now. Swansea, Leicester and Palace will improve I think. Bournemouth will get sucked in but I think they’ll be 17th but survive with the points they’ve already got.

Sunderland are definitely gone I think. Moyes said they need 5 wins from their last 12 games - looking at their fixtures, they have got some winnable games, namely a trip to the Emirates, but I just can’t see them getting enough points.

It’s a shame that Leicester have stopped being knobs, looks like they’ll be alright now.

I doubt Sunderland will sack moyes they would struggle to get anyone in to save them any way it’s not the managers fault the teams shit it has been for years.

Also I dnt think Gibson will sack Karanka I think boro expecteded to go back down that’s why they bought Bamford and the villa striker to get then goals in the championship next season.

Going into the last stretch.


Swansea to just stay up in 17th…


I said at the start of the season that Sunderland Middlesborough, Burnley, Swansea and Bournemouth would all be at the bottom of the league, which they are, but Bournemouth have done have done better than I thought they would, and should be ok.
I wanted Burnley to get relegated as well but they have managed to grind there way to safety.

But the two teams at the bottom are very poor and don’t deserve to be in the PL, especially Middlesborough who must be one of the least entertaining clubs to have played in the League.
At least Hull and Swansea try and play decent football.

Sunderland and Middlesborough between them, have only scored one goal more than Bournemouth, and that’s why they don’t deserve to be in the same division as them.

Hull look good enough to survive, tbf.

It’s definitely between Hull and Swansea for that third spot. Thanks to us, Palace are now 6 above Swansea and 4 above Hull, plus they have a game in hand.

Hull and Swansea have similar fixtures left too. They both have to play Watford and Stoke in their next 2 games. They also both have to play Sunderland. But, where Swansea will fall is against United and Everton - I think they’ll lose both meaning when Hull play their hardest remaining fixture against Spurs on the last day of the season, Swansea will already be down.


29 Apr 15:00 35 Southampton (A)
06 May 15:00 36 Sunderland (H)
14 May 12:00 37 Crystal Palace (A)
21 May 15:00 38 Spurs (H)


30 Apr 12:00 35 Man Utd (A)
06 May 17:30 36 Everton (H)
13 May 15:00 37 Sunderland (A)
21 May 15:00 38 West Brom (H)

Who’s gonna be the third team to go down?

  • Hull
  • Swansea

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I think Swansea just. Might even go to goal difference IMO.

I think I was a little wrong with my earlier prediction :giroud:

Hopefully Swansea stay up, as a weekend on the Gower peninsula is an easier sell for me than a trip to Hull :grimacing:

Swansea need to win 3 of those tho

It looks Hull. Silva has pulled out to miracle so far.

So Hull, Middlesbrough and Sunderland are down and out this season. That’ll please @Robin_L with all the ‘A1’ teams gone :giroud:


All boring northern clubs thankfully

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honestly really happy at the 3 relegated clubs, Sunderland have barely survived each year for about the last 5 seasons and it’s about time they actually went down, Hull are such a yo-yo team and now I hope someone has finally cut the string and they wont come back up and Boro have been a bit boring this season, boring Boro