Where will we finish 2018/19?


ithink we will scrape 4th but chavski will win the europa :santi:


I said 2nd at the start of the season Calum, but I didn’t expect Liverpool to do as well as they’re doing.

Spurs are due injuries and a wobble. Chelsea are more likely to have results like they did at Wolves than we are to have results like we did today at Southampton.

Given that it’s a 3 horse race for 3rd, I think we’ll see it out just because Emery will not end his season in March, like Wenger used to


5th. 4th if Chelsea keep relying on Hazard.



Inb4 @Aussiegooner “won’t ever happen, and even if it does, why should we care, we’re finishing 6th”



Don’t forget Napoli are knocking us out of The EL so we don’t even have that.


This is probably our best chance, I don’t think City will get banned but I’ve eagerly been awaiting the outcome.


Aussie really going for that 2019 troll/combative member award lol.


Based on ManU’s and our current form his 6th place prediction isn’t looking so “trollish”.


Let’s see them away to us and Spurs. They have beaten 4 teams you expect them to beat so far.


3 easy games now to reach the 4th spot by the end of february. C’mon Arsenal!


Be interesting next Saturday, the team that never scores vs the team that can’t keep a clean sheet away from home.


And you are supporting Huddersfield to prove you we can finish 6th again, right? :roll_eyes:


Lol I’m not one of the posters that wanted us to lose to City today to try and stop Liverpool, so go fire your shots elsewhere pal.


But you sound like you enjoy us losing so you can prove yourself right. However, we are gonna prove you wrong at the end of the season :wink:


I’d like to be proven wrong but no away wins since November 25 means that’s unlikely, only winning home games alone won’t finish us in the CL places.


Let’s see it. Starting from saturday against Huddersfield should help us gain confidence away from home.


Jeez, that’s depressing. Didn’t realise that


Yeah we might been them just like we beat Cardiff, Newcastle and Fulham.

Bournemouth away is really our only credible away victory.


We will win at Huddersfield but todays a turning point with united ahead of us now. Been ordinary or poor for ages now outside of the Chelsea win.


We are just 3 points behind Chelsea and Manure still have to play Liverpool, City, us and Chelsea. Chelsea have to play City, Tottenham and them, instead.
It’s criminal to give up on the 4th spot