Where will we finish 2018/19?

  • 1st (Emery pulls off a miracle, becomes the greatest manager ever)
  • 2nd
  • 3rd
  • 4th (Back in the top four trophy)
  • 5th
  • 6th
  • 7th or lower

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Time to put on your thinking caps, dig out the crystal balls and predict where you think we’ll finish this coming season, as a new era dawns at the Emirates.

Can Unai Emery return to the glory days of top four trophy, or will we endure more misery, akin to @Leper on a hoist?

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Gone for 6th unfortunately. Still not convinced with our work at the back and the signing of Sokratis.

In saying that, and perhaps ironically, I’m expecting to see some positives under Unai this season. I.e. Less pummellings against the big guns.

Fuck it. All in. we’re gonna win this bitch!!!

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I am going with 4th under the premise that we add at least 12 points to our last season total and one of ManU or Chelsea fall down… I could see under crazy circumstances getting 2nd or 3rd but if I am honest I think first is insanely remote.

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I am going for 3rd, i reckon It will be Mancity 1st Liverpool 2nd and we just about get 3rd by maybe 1 or 2 points over Chavski and scum will be 5th and Manu will be 6th again (because of Maureen and his pissing about)

We should be aiming for third imo

We should be aiming for first every year, but reasonable measuring stick is probably 4th this year… I think people are underestimating the fact that Emery will need time to get his system and players…

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Well of course we should but that’s not realistic is it

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yeah that is why I used “measuring stick” distinction… “aiming” is a different thing to me… semantics though, so cheers either way =)


If City somehow lose to any of the rest they’ve fucked up. I think they’re a fair distance ahead of everyone else. I think we’re as likely as anyone in the 2nd-6th race and I think something like 3rd could be achievable if things go our way but I wouldn’t be surprised by going as low as 6th either but we should be in the mix.

I can’t see this squad going under 70 points. Even if this is Emery’s first year not getting that would be a failure.

Emery with a title winning madness to highlight how shit Wenger really was.


Ozil Ballon D’Or too.

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Mysty announcing his return to in season posting like


Going with 6th but I don’t think a lot will seperate 3rd-6th, with a bit of luck we could scrape top 4.

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Shit or Bust…


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Great chance to go back to the top 4 seeing Chelsea, Tottenham and United’s situation, imo.

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I wasn’t a big advocate of Emery coming in, but i’m prepared to give him a chance and i’m hopeful we’ll see enough improvement (especially on the road) that we’ll grab 4th place – there seems to be a marked improvement on the training ground and in the general feel of the club.

And with Man United, Chelsea and Spurs all having their own issues to contend with, we have a good chance of finishing above at least two of them. But as always the proof is in the pudding.

And perhaps it’s all blind loyalty on my part and we’ll end up where many pre-season reviews are placing us, in 6th place.

CB options of Sokratis, Mustafi, Holding and the young greek kid, we are going to have to be absolute beasts offensively if we want to crack top 4.

We’ll finish 3rd.

Lolpool (no title challenge tho lol)

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If you look at who the other teams have, I don’t think there are many standouts there.

We’d probably want to see the back of Luiz, Cahill, Chrsitiansen, Lovren, Matip, Jones, Smalling, Otamendi, Stones if they were managed by Wenger.