When was the last time we actually saved a penalty?

After Defoe’s penalty last week and then Kane today it got me thinking when was the last time our keeps actually saved a penalty ? I think Maybe Alaba missed one off target in the 13/14 CL rd 16 but nothing else is springing to mind… Woj at Anfield like 4 or 5 years ago ? But surely we have had something since ?

Wojech Szczesny saved the last one against Aston Villa in August 2013


I’d be interested to see Cech’s record on penalties, it seems he’s no Handanovic. Hasn’t got even close to the last few.

Thanks for that as I knew it was rather embarrassing, I wonder how many we have conceded since lol.

Opsina is pretty good at saving pens isn’t he? maybe if he was the #1 he would have saved a few

Transfermarkt (all competitions, domestic and international) has him at saving 2 out of 32, while Cech is at 16 out of 62. Cech’s record as penalty killer for Arsenal hasn’t been too great though.

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Pretty sure it was when Jens saved that Riquelme penalty.

Feels like it anyway.

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Fuck knows.

Another penalty he got nowhere near.

He does the exact same half dive every time :weary: lol

Not sure why he is pretty useless at saving penalties for us. I thought he had a decent reputation when it came to penalties? I think he saved a few for Chelsea, even in the Champions League final aswell! Not sure what’s happened to him.

I remember woj making one of the best penalty saves I’ve ever seen, can’t remember against who though, was a proper built into the top corner and he reached it and it was amazing

Edit: maybe not quite too corner but still a great save

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And Chez is about a yard off his line, and he’s giving Di Natale a mouthful while he’s setting up. Such a likeable prick.:gunnersaurus:


Maybe its because our keepers dont do the twist anymore… Lukic,Seaman and even Jim Leighton while on loan did it… Lukic and Seaman were good penalty savers…So get that Red Action lot getting our keepers doing the twist…you know it makes sense…or not.:cech:

Szczesny v Liverpool is as far as I can remember

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Fabianski saved a couple in the shootout against Wigan. Just the three years ago there.

From a spectator point of view I see a pattern with goalkeepers being much more likely to save a Premier League penalty if they delay their decision and react to the shot, rather than guessing. Very few penalties are smashed into the far corners. If they reach there they pretty much deserve to be scored. That Bournemouth penalty was so mediocre. If Cech approaches saving penalties the same way he goes about shot stopping in open play (of course with the exception of the rushing aspect) he would have a much better chance of saving these poorly placed penalties. Other PL goalkeepers are also getting done by these because they’re committing to a certain direction in the assumptive anticipation that it’s going to be well struck when it so often isn’t. Make the taker earn it, stop putting it on a fucking plate goalkeepers. But again we are just making these observations without knowing what the situation is like in training and whatnot.

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How many goes has Cech had at now in the last 2.5 seasons without saving one ? Signing a top quality keeper, what a difference maker he’s been ROFL.

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Aussie Cechs been good for us. Can’t save penalties for shit but still a good signing.

I don’t think he’s been good, I think he has been middle of the road, not poor but I wouldn’t call him one of the top 5 keepers in the EPL in the last 2.5 seasons.