When was the last time we actually saved a penalty?


2015/16 he was the best keeper in the league.

Been ok the other two seasons with us


Id be surprised if his penalty save record in an Arsenal shirt is >5%. He’s just consistently bad in that respect


I cant remember the last season DDG hasn’t been the best keeper in the league, so we will have to agree to disagree on that one.


2015/16 we had the best defence in the league did we not? 19 or so cleensheets and Cech was excellent bar the opening game vs West Ham


Had to check but United and Spurs had the stingiest defences in the league conceding 35, whilst us and the Foxes conceded 36, I think the Leicester keeper has a fair case for being best in the league that season now that I mention it.


It’s 0%, he literally hasn’t saved a single one


I remember when crazy Jen’s won us an FA cup, got us into a CL final by saving crucial pens

Szczesny wasn’t bad at saving them either.


My instinct was to say 0% but then I felt guilty and wondered surely the great Petr Cech couldnt be quite that bad. It’s an impressive feat that he doesn’t manage to get near saving a penalty kick, he’s turned it into an art form. One day I’d like to see a YouTube compilation of all his efforts at penalty saving in an Arsenal shirt

Yeah so he’s flapped unsuccessfully at 13 out of 13, two shy of Friedel’s record at Villa


5% saves out of 13 is still zero :joy:


Well hey I did think he’d faced more like 20+ pens in an Arsenal shirt :wink:

I think it’s the trauma of seeing how bad he is at them makes it seem like there have been more than actually exist. The inevitability of conceding etc


Considering he has never saved a penalty for us I can guarantee you it’s less than 5% hahaha


I could never criticise a keeper for conceding a penalty. I can however not understand how some (especially someone as experienced as Cech) can be so bad at reading the penalty taker.
It might sound like I’m a big know-it-all here. But the truth is that I’ve probably faced between 50 to 60 penalties in my career (not counting shootouts). And I can without doubt say that in 8 out of 10 I dived in the right direction. Maybe even 9 out of 10 tbh. Once I saved all 5 through a whole season.

How can a guy like Cech not have picked up any clues about body language, centre mass rotation, angle of the arms in the run up etc etc. He just sells himself instantly and makes it easy for them.


Cech prior to joining Arsenal had saved 16 of 59 penalties meaning he saved 1 every 3.68 penalty kicks faced, since joining the Gunners its 14 attempts for no dice.


Even more so as he should get information in advance as to who is taking the pens and in what corner they like to shoot them.