When did you want Arsene Wenger gone?

Thought this could be a pretty interesting discussion as it seems now nearly everyone actually wants him gone. For myself personally it was after the 2010/2011 season when we got something like 11 points from our last 11 games whilst having a decent shot at the title, coupled with losing to League cup final to Birmingham, going out of CL and FA cup ( to a united team fielding 7 defenders ) all in the space of 10 days.

So the question to you all is, when did you want to see the back of Arsene Wenger ?

  • Pre 2006 (specify your brain injury)
  • 2006 to 2010
  • 2010/11
  • 2011/12 (8-2 defeat to Man U)
  • 2012/13
  • 2013/14
  • 2014/15
  • 2015/16
  • 2016/17
  • This season (specify your brain injury)

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2013/14. A team fighting for the title can’t afford to lose heavily all the big games.

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When all our rivals had a nightmare season and a team that got promoted the season before won the league instead of us. So from March 2016 onwards


I have a distinct memory of saying I wouldn’t defend him again after we blew a 2-0 half time lead against spurs and lost 3-2 which Google tells me was November 2010. But I’m not sure I wanted him gone directly after that or some time after.


Genuinely can’t remember. I was definitely in the pro-wenger camp pre-2014. Probably the 2015/16 was the final straw for me, when we failed to win the league that year I knew we would never win it under him again.


On and off from 2011, permanently since 2014. However, he’ll never have me back onside no what matter he achieved after this comment:

We lost the championship at home against the lower teams, but we played at home in a very difficult climate,’

i was always wavering up until the leicester league win. Arsene always got me angry but i always felt surely truly there has to be good in there and he wants the best for this club. When we beat leicester at home and we celebrated i mistakenly thought we celebrated like that because the fucking players and manager had this sorta lifting of the shakles sorta movement and they were gonna get from that win the strength for the final push.

Then what happens, well the exact shit that always fucking happens we go and beat those twats then proceed to lose fucking tonnes of points by playing like utter wankers again. Now every ‘upset’ and pathetic performance gets me so fucking angry i cant take this manager or team anymore. So badly want 3/4 of the team to fuck off already and wenger to just go away i am sick of seeing him and hearing his bullshit constantly.

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It’s been a long process for me. With every big defeat, another petal would fall from the flower. Then around midway though 13/14 there was nothing left. At that stage I was watching my team with zero expectations. I was excited when we signed Özil and Sanchez. But with Wenger managing them, I see now that all we did was put lipstick on a pig.

I was never a strong “Wenger Out” protester before, though. It was more of a preference - until Leicester won the title, that was the straw that broke the camel’s back.


Don’t worry it’s barely noticeable. :flushed:


Not sure. But that Leicester league win still stings and I blame it on Wenger.

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After the Birmingham fiasco at Wembley. Our first chance of silverware , to win a trophy at Wembley and he cannot beat a relegated second flight team . I would have sacked the underachieving manager there and then .

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Failing to beat Leicester to the title was the last straw for me.


That was a fucking terrible day and result but Birmingham were neither relegated or a second flight team at the time.

Again not to detract from how fucking poor that was but we don’t need to add/include incorrect elements to do that.

Isn’t it? Wow maybe I should try harder to get my feelings across :henry2:

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I’ve been up and down but it was the season that Leicester won the title that the line was crossed that couldn’t be recovered from.

Every excuse possible was gone. We were capable of spending money and every club with more money than us was awful. The silverware curse had been broken. Players weren’t leaving anymore so the squad was settled. We beat Leicester twice that season. We were better than Leicester. Leicester were not the problem.

Joint top after 10 games. 2 points clear after 20 games. But none of us believed. We all sat here thinking “no no, we’re going to fuck this up, don’t get excited”. But as soon as you start thinking maybe we should believe, yet again we bottled it. We didn’t even slightly hang in there in the end.

That’s when I was convinced that Wenger will never again be able to assemble a team with the mental state to deliver well enough over those nine months.


5-1 Bayern at Emirates. Just embarrassing to lose in that fashion at home but ngl seen some cracks in 15/16, losing the league to Leicester and no outfield signings and faith in some below average players but I seen it as a one off since all other big teams were worse, got excited with our signings then we lose at home like that when we were supposed to be competing with those clubs


I had faith in him until 15/16, there was no defending that horror show.That 2nd place finish was just as bad if not worse than last seasons 5th.

Wenger beats out Leicester that season and he’s won 3 FA Cups and a PL since the Ozil signing :disappointed:

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Why would anyone want this guy gone? He’s amazing, love and respect to the best Arsenal manager of all time. He’s gonna win the PL again in his time here it’s destined to occur.

  1. People might think that’s harsh but the excuses about money were easy to see through.

Since then he’s passed through every juncture to call it a day except dying.


This thread is not for you. Go away.

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