When did you want Arsene Wenger gone?


In the window he sold RVP and replaced him with Giroud.
Also, when we were desperate for reinforcements, and he only bought Kallstrom confirmed it.

He has been dragging us down for several seasons and I kept thinking he might change, but he never will.


This was my favourite one. Bringing in an injured player to replace an injured player. You can’t make this stuff up.

I do like KK though, he said playing for Arsenal gave him the best 15 minutes of his life. That figures, we are more of a charity than a football club these days.


14/15 is when I finally became firmly anti-Wenger. But the signs were eeking in for seasons before that.


The Leicester season for sure.

Edit: just a reminder, we beat them home and away, and we still ended up 10 points behind them at the end of the season.

I remember when people said at least we had improved in the big games lol


Selling RVP to Man UTD. Plus before that the UTD 8-2, Set the Rot in, I started to lose respect for him massively. But the Moment I lost all faith and wanted him gone and it hasn’t wavered since when we lost the league to Leicester. That was the moment he had the best chance of winning Arsenal the title and he blew it, he was saved somewhat by finishing 2nd but that was thanks to Spurs bottling it rather then us been great. Shame on our lot for giving him the pass, That was a bottle job of the highest order and since then I lost all respect for him and I dislike him immensely, and I don’t think I ever respect him again.

Plus throw in his Bullshit excuses, his disrespect to fans, his arrogance and his miserly actions in the transfer market plus his talking up like 4th is some kind of trophy. You can tell I don’t like the man.


He should leave last season


8 2 defeat at united. Dont think from that game on that anybody in the media or the game in general took us serious as a title challenger again. The abuse fans took was awful and unforgivable to have to take.


Just saved me having to search for the post of the year here.


As I mentioned in another thread, I started saying it’s time to leave in the 2007/08 season. We bottled the league then and at times we looked so uninspired in the second half of the season. Eventually any manager runs out of ideas and needs a new challenge (Fergie being the exception I presume), whether they know it or not. It was not a popular opinion but I stuck to it! Because for me it was rather clear we were heading nowhere and needed some new blood.


But that was the last season we were a top quality title challenging team. That’s the best team we’ve had since the Invincibles. I don’t see what scope there was to consider parting with Wenger at that stage given that we finished 4 points off the title with a young team that had just lost Thierry Henry. And we were up against one of the best United teams ever plus Chelsea had all their experienced heads in their pomp too. You could have said any other season and it would make sense.

Once we lost Eduardo and Rosicky to injury then Hleb and Flamini in the summer it all fell apart the following campaign.


My turning point was at some point during the 13/14 season, whichever one of the late winter/early spring months it was that we had our routine collapse in.

I do seem to remember having a bit of an “ah fuck it I guess the old boy deserves one more chance” feeling of ambivalence when he then signed a new deal after the cup win that ended the barren run, but I was still firmly of the opinion that he wasn’t the manager to really lead us forward.

Losing to Swansea (that came after being beaten by a Rashford inspired Man U right, or was it the other way round?) was the point of no return, as I just knew at that point that we were done, bunch of spineless cunts that we are.


Better leave until it’s too late. History speaks for itself and as I said, it didn’t make me popular among my arsenal friends.


Seems the most popular one is after the 15/16 season after we had the golden opportunity to win the league competing with the Foxes and the Spurs.


Added a poll @Aussiegooner, hope you don’t mind :slightly_smiling_face:


Great idea :+1:


By January 2016 I was completely disabused of the notion that he was a good manager, and I think by February or March I was 100% wanting him gone. The Leicester match was March, no? By then I was 100% Wenger Out. :confused:


From memory the Leicester match was the middle of Feb.


Yea Valentine’s day I think.


I have thought he should move on for a while now, but I do think we’ll do worse without him rather than better, at least in the short term.


It’s possible but at least it will be different.
We were out of the top four this season and might be again this season, so even if we don’t get Europa League places with a new manager, it’s not going to make that much different.

It depends on the ambitions of the board.
If they go for someone like Howe or Martinez then I would agree we might as well not bother, but if we went for a top experienced European manager which we deserve, after tolerating so many seasons of the same stagnant mediocrity, then just the novelty of something new and different would be entertaining, especially if he splashed the cash.

Also we would actually find out who is responsible for our lack of spending and whether it was Wenger or Kroenke who were holding us back from buying the quality we need.

I still think he might leave at the end of this season and will not a sign a new contract if he fails to get CL football.