What's the last video game you played?

I think it’s the amount of time you’ve had the game open. So if it’s on pause it accounts to it. I think. Lol

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If you do go back to get the 100%, I’ve got a tip.

When it comes to the two fetch quest side missions, hunting the animals and collecting all the rare plants, google for the full list of requests and complete the later requests before they become available.

As soon as you have a request asking you for a perfect chipmunk carcass, the chipmunks spawn much less frequently, and it’ll take so much longer to not only find one, but find one that will yield a perfect pelt.

When I needed to get a perfect cardinal (bird) carcass it tooks fucking ages, as soon as I moved on from that request and needed to hunt other birds I couldn’t move for fucking perfect cardinals, sometimes literally 4 would spawn in the same fucking place lmao.

I found this out about 30% of the way through those two challenges and hunting/collecting everything before I was asked to saved so much time in the end lol.

Also, with the rare plants, say you need 5 spider orchids because you’re collecting everything before the requests come through, only 4 spider orchids will spawn, the 5th you need simply won’t spawn until you receive the specific request for spider orchids. That doesn’t apply to hunting animals though.

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So todays task. I want you to research the male to female speaking ratio in all video games ever released :joy:

Finished Jedi survivor last night- one off the best star games an storys in a long time.