What was the last film you watched?

Going today. Let you know later.

Everyone I talk to says it’s fucking amazing.

I’m going to go see it in the IMAX for the first time in my life with my best mate. I even ordered premium sofa seats for us both so that we don’t have to sit with anyone else :pires1:

To say that I’m excited would be an understatement.

Even I’m going to see it, which is a big deal for me given that Leo isn’t in it :laughing: I do love history, though.


Just got out and will review this later. A bit disappointed tbh guys.

I can’t remember the last war film I saw that didn’t suck so I don’t think I’ll buy into the hype with this one.

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It looks more like a very high intensity drama than a traditional war film, could be wrong though but I am ridiculously hyped for it.

It’s interesting that they’ve called the film a number because I give zero fucks about it and coincidentally zero is also a number.

Ah no. Perhaps I should just stick to Leo films.

I’ve been thinking for some time that there just aren’t enough films about the World Wars and that they really should make more, so I could not be more excited for this film that I currently am.

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Yeah they could do with making a few more superhero ones. Missing a trick here.

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Okay I’d read the reviews and had an enthusiastic one off my eldest that I had too see this.
Most films, books, documentary,s I e seen on ww1 I always feel the horror.
This film very well filmed and entertaining on one level failed for me to deliver this. Couple of good scenes mixed with a few convenient ones to keep the story going but falls short in places for me.
Nobody is not going to not enjoy it but didn’t have a wow factor for me. Think @DavidHillier on Joker and that’s me on this.
Have a bit of s problem with a storyline of trying to avoid a tragic massacre when the whole history is unfortunately full of them.


@Castiel is another who hates Joker, Stroller.

I’m not alone, phew :blush:


You misunderstood, be says he hates your jokes.

Sorry, I’m just busting balls. I don’t mean it :slight_smile:



Did you ever watch ‘A Man Named Ove’? We had a little chat about it once in a thread and I’ve just seen there’s gonna be an American remake - with Tom Hanks in the role, might be good!




Not surprised to hear that they’re making an American version. Hasn’t every somewhat financially successful Scandinavian film inspired an American remake?

Also, I’ve barely seen any (newly released) films since that conversation. Hoping I can do some catching up now during the summer.

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The Limey (1999)

Just bumped into the Nightcrawler (2014) on TV… Love this movie.


Jojo Rabbit

Very good! Hilarious, emotional, strong.


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Anyone else been to see 1917 yet.

Saw it Sunday in IMAX.

Thought it was very good. Cinematography blew me away and the 2 hours were over in the blink of an eye! Really felt immersed in the story and like I was one of the soldiers. What I loved about this way of filming was the suspense you felt when they were about the climb out of a trench, you had no idea what to expect. Loved that.

The scene after he wakes up from passing out, with the burning church, almost stunned by what he’s gone through, seems like he suddenly wakes up from a coma when the German soldier starts running at him. Loved it! This scene :point_right: youtube.com/watch?v=Jlqa_GCFfqE

Not sure it’s the best film of 2019, but it will probably win all the technical awards (cinematography, mixing & maybe best director).