What was the last film you watched?

Avatar:way of the water 7/10
Going to put in on par with the first film. The film is beautiful and 3D is spot on.

Story not overly great but plenty off setting up for the next films.


Watched the second one tonight. (Glass Onion)

My no spoilers review

It has Madelyn Cline in it which is good as she is unbelievable Jeff, and its a decent easy watch for two hours and a bit but I preferred the first one.

This Is Christmas (now movies)

Not really into Christmas movies but this was really good.

What film should I watch today?

  • Home Alone
  • Die Hard

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(I will be watching the other film tomorrow anyway lol)

I watched the Christmas classic, ‘Training Day’ for the first time last night.

What a corker.


Very traditional choice for a Christmas film, outstanding.

“It takes a wolf to catch a wolf”, sage and highly relevant proverb for this time of year well done terrific


“You done shot my ass!”


I watched this yesterday too and thought it was pretty, pretty, pretty good.

Will watch the second today, mayhaps.

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I watched the Glass Onion last night. Good sequel and overall very good, but like you, I preferred Knives Out.

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just watched Avatar 2 tonight, it just completely KO Top Gun 2

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Joined the club and watched Glass Onion last night

Thoroughly enjoyed it, Daniel Craig was brilliant.
Really like these films and hope they do more of them


Watched the new top gun tonight.

Thought it was excellent :clap:


@Phoebica I’m sure I’m not telling you anything you don’t know here but ‘Dumplin’ is a pretty good film. It’s got Jennifer Aniston and there’s a lot of prominent Dolly Parton songs in it.


Yes, I devoured that one as soon as it was released on Netflix. I am probably due a rewatch now though.

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Just finished it. Catched it on TV while going through channels, it was 20min-half an hour in by the time I started, but couldn’t stop watching it. Really good. And I’m saying that as someone who really has trouble finishing a full film, I guess that says something. No stupid, needless BS in it, great direction… Really good :+1:

I took the hit and watched White Noise on Netflix. A total load of pointless shit. If you waste your time on it you have been warned…

What a film and what a soundtrack


Halfway through The Banjos of Enniskillen. Very little happening. Fantastic movie.

Man called otto
Brillant film. Worth checking out.

What a load of shit for a horror film.