What was the last book you read?


I assume that you’re studying political economy or something similar? Unless you have a serious passion for political theory haha

I recognise (and have read) most of them books from when I was studying.


Was reading the Girl who Played with Fire, the sequel to The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo. The first book was pretty decent, the second utter shit. I threw it on the floor after 200 pages - for the third time - the main character stumbling on something vital to the plot simply by walking into a pub at random and seeing the important bit. The author also seems to have forgotten how to write. Totally overrated book.



Just finished Huxley’s Brave New World. I can’t believe I haven’t read it until now to be honest.

Feeling a bit depressed right before I go to bed now lol


Getting back into reading by starting with the Witcher book series


Gonna decide on a whim when I wake up which of these two I’ll start reading on my way to work tomorrow.


I’m almost finished the illustrated history of football by David Squires. It’s a really clever and funny look at some of the most important moments in the history of the game through words and illustrations. Highly recommend.


That’s a good one. Try Fahrenheit 451 if you haven’t already.


Seven Deadly Sins by David Walsh
A written documentary about one mans pursuit of Lance Armstrong’s drug cheating in cycling.
Very good read .


V for Vendetta

I’m only on the second page and it’s already a bit too much like the real world :flushed:


You need to spend your money on something more useful, like a duvet:)


Not a fan of the authors of these books? Confused?


After making the bed I like to leave a corner slightly turned over, which is what you are witnessing here.

Also both books were gifts :slightly_smiling_face:


Brick Lane.
Id always wanted to read this since id seen an interview with the author Monica Ali. Set in a Bangladesh community in London and tells of an arranged marriage.
A lot of characters appear and change as the story evolves throughout. Thought everyone of them was very individual and added something to the story line. Got a hell of a lot out of something im basically ignorant of and going to make sure I watch the film.


A Season of Migration to The North by Tayib Saleh


First two books of the Han Solo trilogy, Paradise Snare and Hutt Gambit. Fml I’m such a nerd.




Don’t suppose anyone is reading the new Kevin J Anderson saga? Read the last one (Saga of the Seven Suns) and thought it was great so thinking about reading his new one.


Hard Times by Charles Dickens


Fucking neckbeard bruh.


Currently reading Slaughterhouse 5. Weird.