What was the last book you read?


Lol i have a beard but it’s well trimmed tyvm :joy::grin:


Thats one that wasnt popular for years but now seen as another classic. Liked that a lot. Only one set in the north of England too.


Currently reading “Pep Guardiola” by Gollum Ballbag. Pep is a fascinating maniac and to say he is obsessed with football is an understatement. The book is poorly written though, but again its Gollum Ballbag.


Yes. The accented Stephen Blackpool was a real task to decipher.


Just started this book this afternoon. Enjoying it

Recently finished a book from a writer named Tom Wainwright called Narconomics. It analyses the behaviour of drug cartels through the view of an economist. Really well written.


I’m rereading Dune in preparation for the cinematic masterpiece that will be Denis Villanueve’s retelling of it on the big screen.

It is such a great book.


I’ve read every Dune and Dune related book and can’t wait. If he gets it right I’ll be stunned though as it has to be 6-7 hours long and its going to need explanations in a visual format as its a movie not a book and there is so much depth.

The spice must flow…!!


Born to run.
Bruce Springsteen autobiography. Candididly written account of his life story. Focus a lot about his difficult relationship with his Dad and how it impacts on depression he still suffers with to this day.
Reading about his songwriting was always going to be interesting to me, as I see him as one of the very best ever.
Lovely touching moments on the life and death of Clarence Clemons. E street are the most soulfull rock band in the world because of him.
Overall the book lets you know that rock music has room for good guys like Bruce,Tom Petty, Bob Seger etc.


Tony Adams second book after football and being away from drink. Much to admire about him setting up sporting chance and being open and honest about his path away from addiction.
Good that he has found many different outlets and interests away from the game too. Have to say though think he over plays his abilitys as a coach so far and what he think hes achieved in the game. The Azebajan episode was a bit drawn out for me as was a lot of the book. Not that great a read if im totally honest here.


Really interesting read. I like reading or listening to stuff like this that makes me examine, in some way, how I interact with the world around me. Would highly recommend.


I read his other book a while ago having an interest in the topic at the time and hes insightful and highly entertaining as well as honest.

Ill give this one a try as a treat for my journey at my new job. Cheers.


Got this on audible and it’s read by The Boss himself. Over 18hrs of audio and I’m about 3 in. Really enjoying it so far.


Different sort of narrative and comes across more authentic for it.


Post Office by Charles Bukowski.

Christmas gives me more time to read and I wanted some short novels to read during the festive period.

Also on my list after this is The Wanderer: Elegies, Epics, Riddles (Legends from the Ancient North), apparently some of these writings inspired Tolkien, which is pretty cool.

And I also picked up Cloud Atlas after seeing the film version, which, I found was super abstract/uncohesive upon reading afterwards that it was an intended style.


Strongly recommended



The Battle = Paul O Connell autobiography.
Fascinating insight on one of the worlds best players of the last few years. Really interesting read on the pressures on and off the field of being a captain and how it effected his enjoyment of the game.
Some great passages on what leadership means.
Very honest about his career and holds his hand up to things he got wrong too. Find rugby books on the whole to be better than most football ones. This is a very good one.


Sweet! My next Audible download.


Mythos by Stephen Fry



Been waiting years for the third book to be released!