What was the last book you read?


The beginning of Malazan is a little abstract - it kind of just throws you into the middle of the magic / god system and it’s confusing. Once you get past the initial “wtf is going on” (and there are some decent summaries floating around on the internet to help you get your head around the plot - but don’t read too far ahead!), then it’s an incredibly worthwhile investment of your time.

There are various other books written by the author in the same world which I’m only just now getting around to reading so there’s even more to look forward to once you complete the lot.



Very interesting.


Cracking book. Homo Deus is just as good.


A book about right-wing extremism in Europe after the Second World War.


God’s Traitors by Jessie Childs. It’s about Spurs fans :sunglasses:

It’s really about terror and faith in Elizabethan England. Although it is non fiction, it’s written like a story, through the eyes of one family whose religion was a crime - and tells of all the obstacles they faced. At times, because the story and characters are so absorbing and exciting you forget that these were actually real people and these things actually happened to them.

As far as history books go, this one is quite original I think. But I’m a history geek so I’ll read anything :grin:


In the last couple of days I’ve started reading The Handmaid’s Tale, I’m not that far in but it does seem to be an excellent novel.


I’m reading “The Guns Of August” by Barbara Tuchman for the third time right now. Great book if interested in World War I and European political history of that era. Explains the run up to the first battles of the war very very well.


Life of Senna by Tom Rubython. Best book on Ayrton Senna ive read. Brilliant biography on one of the greatest sportsman ever. Really gets inside this talented complex personality. Found it a compulsive read of one of the greatest drivers of all time.
F1 never quite been the same since his death for many different reasons in all honesty. True legend.


Just finished The Secret Race by Tyler Hamilton and Daniel Coyle. I could read any amount of words involving cycling and doping and the Lance Armstrong era but this is as blunt an account as I’ve read so far about all that went on at that time.

I’ve always been a cyclist of some description (even when I hadn’t been on a bike in more than three years) and the sports relationship with doping is something that will continually get my attention. There is a list at the end of this book of recommended reading. It’s going on my wall until I’ve read every one of them. :slight_smile:


Probably one of the best novels I’ve read, I would highly recommend it


This is the East End for you. 10 years behind the times. I read this at school :wink:


Ian Wright Autobiography. Love the man and loved this. Left feeling as ever with Wrighty that everything came just a bit too late. Gets to Palace at 22. Comes to us just as where not good enough for the League. Wenger arrives just as hes in his 30s.
Could have had so much more this guy. Still he left loads of great moments for the fans. Nobody ever wanted more than him.


Couldn’t wait anymore @JakeyBoy @SwissGooner so had to just take the L and grab the hardback.


Haha quality.

I bought it on my kindle instead, about 40% of the way through. You started yet?


Currently reading Dark Money


Literally just bought it haha. Gonna start it tonight.

How you finding it so far?


After asking if you’d started it I realised that you’d clearly bought it and immediately took a photo in the street and excitedly uploaded it haha

I’m enjoying it. I must admit, it is absolutely riddled with cliches, but the characters are believable and it didn’t take long for me to get into the story.

Not convinced it’s “Power of the Dog” good, but I’m fairly sure you’ll enjoy it


@SRCJJ: Basically what @JakeyBoy said. I also bought it on my kindle like I always do and I have finished it. Personally, I think it ranks right behind “The Cartel” and “The Power Of The Dog”. Have you read the Neal Carey series yet? I gave the first one a go but I didn’t really enjoy it that much after those three. I even enjoyed “Kings Of Cool”, “Savages” and “California Fire And Life” more than the first book of the Neal Carey series.