What was the last book you read?

I detest the wrong Cromwell. Also the civil war is dull as shit.

The cause of it was decent.

Ya big roundhead, you.

Are you taking a cavalier approach now.

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Ok be civil you two


Just a headless argument mate.

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I spend a lot of time in the car so listen to loads of stuff like this, I like it bitesize so I can remember it.


I bought a book called Broiter United for the kids recently. It’s brilliant, a load of rhymes about a team of cheats who get stitched up as a result of their cheating. Defo worth a punt for anyone looking for stocking fillers.

Currently reading Paul Davies book

Its a slow start, not alot of Arsenal content

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Let us know what you think of it by the end mate.
It’s one I’ve pencilled in. Cheers.

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Just finished Jade City by Fonda Lee… it was good but I don’t know if I’ll ever finish the series. Was expecting a fantasy kung fu/ninja sort of thing. Was more of a Triad/Yakuza fantasy book.

Jazz Age Tales by F.Scott Fitzgerald

Very, very good.


A ghost upon your path. John McCarthy.
While being held captive McCarthy mum died of cancer, something he felt guilty about.
Having photographs of him and her in Kerry in Ireland he rents out a cottage trying too reconcile his family history and coming to terms with his loss.
Funny and sad but told with great description of local people and events made it a quality read.

I’ve got a credit to spend on Audible before I cancel my subscription (forgot to do it and just got charged £8 which is annoying).

Can anyone recommend a particular audiobook?

Emphasis on it being an excellent narrator/someone great at doing voices etc.

I don’t really like audiobooks so I’m think I’ll spend this credit on a book that is excellent because of the narrator/excellent because it in part is an audiobook - e.g. apparently HP books are incredible as AB because of Stephen Fry. That sort of thing.

The Harry Potter audiobooks are very good, though get oneof the earlier ones, as Tonks features in the later ones and Fry’s Yorkshire accent is distractingly abysmal lmao.

Larry Fishburne performing Malcolm X’s autobiography in the voice of Malcolm X is phenomenal.

I Partridge, the first Partridge audiobook is sensational, massovely enhanced by Steve Coogan reading it. I own the book and read it first, and found it hilarious, but him reading it is next level.

I’ve listened to two versions of Murder on the Orient Express, one by David Suchet who played Poirot on the telly, and another by Kenneth Brannagh, who played him in the film. Kenneth edges it for his voice work on all characters, but Suchet is obviously amazing at portraying Poirot.

The first four or so books from A Song of Ice and Fire are great, the guy doing the voices manages to make a huge cast of characters sound distinct and recognisable. Quality drops as it progresses, but at least the first three or so are very good.

Stephen Fry doing Animal Farm and 1984 is good (called The Orwell Collection)

Tam Dean Burn has a cracking Edinburgh accent and really brings Trainspotting and other Irvine Welsh books to life.

Joe Mantegna (Joey Zaza in Godfather Part 3) does a cracking job reading Puzo’s The Godfather.

Louos Theroux reading Gotta Get Theroux this is good fun too, it’s less an autobiography and more a set of memoirs reflecting on his tv work.

In case you can’t tell, I’ve been an avid Audible user for a while haha


Now this is the kind of post I was talking about!

Trainspotting is an inspired shout.

I was also toying with the idea of some of a Discworld book

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My Mrs is into these big time, they’re really good.

She recommends the City Watch ones, especially Guards Guards (I’ve listened to this one and it’s really good)

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I’m currently listening to Spymaster by Brad Thor.

His books are very trashy, very stupid political thrillers written in line with the author’s pretty hawkish world view. But he’s written like a zillion books and the guy Audible hired to narrate all of them puts me right to sleep. It’s great.