What was the last book you read?

I haven’t yet my man, was on a long and random list I have but there’s nothing better than starting a series where all the books are finished.

I’ll get stuck into them and let you know what I think. I don’t read lots of urban fantasy, but Dresden Files completely flipped my perspective. Appreciate the recommendation bud

Dubliners _ J Joyce.
Been meaning to read this for years. Fifteen short stories that mostly don’t have a any real ending.
When you get your head around this anecdotal way of writing I found the character description and writing style and language pleasing. Interesting time in Ireland history runs through it.

Nineteen seventy four
Written by David Peace the writer of the Damned United.
Journalist goes looking into the deaths of three missing school girls.
Colleague of his gets killed covering a corruption case and the two stories run simultaneous.
Very dark and brutally violent it was an exceptional read set in the 70s. Only 300 pages but something happening on every page.

Started this today

Shocking that something like this was allowed to happen and go so far

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What’s the story?

Basically about some biotech startup company in Silicon Valley that raised shares to a 9 billion valuation for some blood testing technology that didn’t work while the CEO and all other management figures in the company knew this.

Patients that used it had faulty results. Employees in the company who were aware the technology wasn’t working were fired for expressing concerns etc.


Anyone got any good audio book recommendations? I’m thinking some non fiction, something like Sapiens, or Bill Bryson’s history of the planet (if either come in audiobook form that is)

Got money for an Audible sub for Xmas, went to get my annual sub and saw that there was a one month free trial on offer first, which means one free audiobook. Even better, if you’re a prime member, you get two free books in your trial, with no obligation to continue.

Downloaded Alan Partridge Nomad last night, regular price £17.49 according to their site, or the £7.99 it costs to be a member per month.

But yeah, no brainer to get a free trial particularly if you’re a prime member.

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My girlfriend loved This Is Going To Hurt, said it was funny and insightful


Definitely one of my favourite books last year. A proper easy read too!

@JakeyBoy I tend to always read non fiction. I quite liked 21 lessons to learn from the 21st Century. From the same guy who did Sapiens.

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I don’t know if you’d have any interest but Bruce Springsteens autobiography is brilliant and read by The Boss himself.


The Bottom corner _ Nige Tassell
A traverse around the league’s of non League football.
All levels from the conference to bottom of the pyrimad system. Chapter on park football on Hackney marshes.
Come across players playing international football for Gibraltar and Sierra Leone and clubs being run on shoestring budgets.
Great read and get the feeling back of what a great game it can be.
Tassell a decent writer who I’ve read through the music press before.

Obviously got a lot of respect for The Boss, and rate him, but probably not a big enough fan to make it worth it.

Do love it when the author reads the audiobook themselves though. I own both I Partridge and Nomad in physical form, and they’re great, but they’re at least ten times funnier when it’s a 6 to 7 hour audio file entirely read by Steve Coogan. Couldn’t recommend either more highly to fans of Alan Partridge, got a hell of a lot of replay value in them.

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I came here to recommend, i end up buying an audiobook myself. :santi:

Have you ever used Blinkist? I requested a membership gift card for my birthday from the other half a couple weeks ago (I got something completely different of course).

Or anyone else for that matter. Wondering if it’s worth just forking it out for myself.

I’ve definitely never used it because I had never even heard of it until your post.


I hate when someone buys you a book they think you’ll like.
Give me a tenner and I can guarantee I’ll get four books from Oxfam that are better.

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I totally agree. Especially when I know exactly what I want or want to read. Amazon gift vouchers are the way forward.

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Been meaning to ask, which one did you buy and how are you finding it?

I, Partridge. I haven’t started listening yet actually.

Ah good, I’d hoped you’d got that one. Nomad is really good, but I, Partridge is on a different level imo.