What is the minimum expected in this transfer window


In two of the last three seasons we have had a net spend of very little.
Lacazette was the last big signing we made and since then we have sold,
As well as a few fringe players, for around 140m.

Even if we buy Mkhitayran, PEA and Malcom it will still represent a net spend of not much and for me these three players are the bare minimum we should expect, and I doubt if we will get just one of them.

Considering how many players we have sold, how much money we have got for those players and how desperate we are for top quality players, what is the minimum you expect in this transfer window?


Minimum I expect is Mkhiytargarian and Malcom. Hoping we get Auba as well. Wouldn’t surprise me if we get none of those three and Arsene surprises us with a StatDNA type signing, which would be underwhelming of course…


Because of the hype you start getting excited about the 3 named this week. As the days go on however im not sure we get any of them. Maybe Mikhy because of the Sanchez deal and an unknown but thats about it.


Welbeck getting sold.


Because it’s no longer just all about Wenger and you have Sven starting to pull the strings, plus given the connections with both players, the minimum I expect incoming is Aubameyang and Mikhtaryan

Which frankly would be a fine first month’s work for our new manager :speak_no_evil:


I think we will get the Armenian and that’s it, purely because it’s a swap deal with our best player and United will drive him to Islington if need be.


Want Auba now that we have lost Sanchez. Anything less is failure. Mhiki isnt a viable replacement for our former world class forward.


Mkhitaryan and Auba at this point. Malcom would be a bonus.


Minimum is Mkhi and Auba


Minimum is fuck all tbh. I can see it.

But it looks like Mkhitaryan will be done so just him


Auba is coming. Do you want to bet a roast chicken?


1 player as an Alexis replacement, whether Auba/Miki/Malcolm. Getting in 2 starters would be positive and Auba and Mikky look close.

Was it @InvincibleDB10 who said we wouldn’t replace Ozil and Alexis or was that someone else? In getting in Auba & Mkhitaryan we are doing that. If we keep Ozil too we’re starting to look like having a strong combination of forwards with Auba, Mikky, Ozil and Laca and a new era. But even just Auba, Laca and Mikky is a pretty strong line forward line if we’re playing 3-4-3


I said we wouldn’t replace them with an equivalent player.
Even Wenger wouldn’t have the cheek to do nothing at all.


Well, Mkhitaryan.

Our squad is way too big and needs shaving so based on the question you ask, one mid->attack link out, one in is minimum. Based on recent performances for us the rest of the list is give or take, deadwood anyway and we have cover for the HG quota nowadays as well.

If we only get Micky and he is as good as he was for BvB (which as I remember wasn’t remarkably worse than Sanchez was for Barca) then the trade isn’t that bad. If we get Auba on top of that then I’m over the moon. I haven’t invested in the Malcom rumour yet.


I agree.
Mkhitayran was a very good player for Dortmund and was still good at the start of this season, so there is no reason he can’t can’t be good for us.

Getting Aubameyang as well, would be the minimum for me, and even then I’m not sure that would be enough to get us a top four place.


Then if you have PEA who’s significantly outscored Alexis and Mikki who’s matched Ozil’s end product numbers you’d have to be A) Proven wrong and B) Somewhat happy, right? And if Ozil re-signs, big if, we’re improved dramatically.

Also Ozil and Mikki behind PEA in a 343 would be pretty devastating set up and superior to any system we’ve had since the Cesc years.


Sanchez out and someone that wants to be here in.

Anything else is just a bonus.


That’s a lot of assumptions.

I don’t know that PEA and Mkhitayran are better than Ozil and Sanchez, and only Mkhitayran has played in the PL.
Just because PEA has scored more goals in a different league than Sanchez, doesn’t make him a better player.

You’re also putting Ozil into that equation and there is no guarantee he will stay.

If we get PEA and Mkhitayran as well as Ozil signing a new contract, it will be a decent bit of business by Wenger but will we be any better off than when we had Cazorla, Sanchez and Ozil, and do you really think all those things are going to happen anyway.


I want a madness. Give me my madness Wenger!


Right but they are arguably 2 of the best replacements we could realistically get.

I think Pea is a better fit for our football than Alexis and I think he’ll score more goals.

Yes if Ozil re-signs I think we’ll be better with those 3 than when we had Alexis and Cazorla because as a system I don’t think it got the best out of Cazorla/Ozil. Having Alexis dropping deep didn’t make the best of their through balls. Where as I think Aubameyang is made for Ozil and Mkhitaryan’s through balls. There’s also loads of movement between all 3 of them.

So yes I think we’d be better especially having Lacazette too. I did think we’d only get 1 top forward in so for me 2 alongside Lacazette is better than expected. Keeping Ozil too would be exciting times.