What are you watching?


Can I, yes.

Will I, nah.



Did Idris and the other guy even unpack? :joy::joy::joy:

See yaaaa :wave:


Re-watching Scream Queens. What a show.


please tell me more about Scream Queens


It’s no Ru Paul’s Drag Race.


In the pub. This is the update I needed

Calum = Bae


It’s better than love island.


oh it looks like good fun, i will watch some episodes. and then maybe we can talk about it here? every day? for like 3 weeks?


I’d actually be very ok with this.


Scream Queens is actually deeply average. Seriously, if you want something of a similar ilk (but vastly more entertaining) just watch Ru Paul.

Can’t believe I’m saying this, but it tops Love Island. It’s the best shit on TV apart from Queer Eye


Yeah I think queer eye is my favourite tv show.

Who knew you could make a tv show about people being nice in 2018.


@shamrockgooner who the fuck do you think YOU are editing the title of MY thread?


Is that not just reality tv though? I’m more of story arc man myself.


Perhaps I’ve not seen enough, or am confusing it with another show. But I thought that’s what it was, a reality show… Obvs now thinking I might have it twisted

Edit: yeah, done a googs, it seems I’m mistaken.

Anyway, watch Ru Paul. It’s great. I’ll stand by that part lol


Love Island producers have been absolute cunts to Samira tbf

same re. Charlie, who i like


Yeh I think there was an old - entirely forgettable- MTV reality tv show about actresses looking to get into the horror franchise.

The new Scream Queens is a dark comedy by the American Horror Story people which features a bunch of silly millennial bitches being mean and getting murdered one by one. It’s literally hilarious and refreshing which meant that it got pretty much insta cancelled after two seasons.


I’ve been away from OA for yonks and reading through this clusterfuck of a thread, only one thing springs to mind .


You guys have hit rock bottom and need help with this shit :joy:


Ah fuck, you’ve nailed it, that’s exactly what I was thinking of. Good to know I wasn’t as wide of the mark as it seemed. I remember once catching an episode or part of an episode and was kinda surprised you were rating it.

What you’re talking about sounds like it has potential tbf


Lads, Sacha Baron Cohen on today’s America :giroud: :giroud3:

It’s in Channel 4 tomorrow I think. Can’t wait, this is going to be epic.

He’s managed to get interviews of Roy Moore, Joe Walsh and Sarah Palin among others! :arteta: