What are you watching?

I finished this a couple of weeks back and just wanna give it another push. The main cast are pretty young and it deals with some very complex issues in a really good way. One of the best things ive watched all year.

Blue Eye Samurai on Netflix.

The animation is fantastic.

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Just watched the return to Lockerbie documentary on STV.

The things the residents seen. Horrendous.

A guy found a 21yr old girl draped over his hedge in his back garden missing a shoe.

Not sure I would ever get that out my head and in the documentary you seen he was still properly affected by it 35yrs on

Just finished Squaring the Circle on Netflix.

About Hypgnosis design company that created some of the most iconic album covers from the late 60s through to the early 80s. A lot of Floyd, Zeppelin, a bit of Macca and Peter Gabriel.

Directed by Anton Corbyn who photographed a lot of artists for their album covers during the 80s and 90s - U2, Depeche Mode etc.

Definitely recommend if you’re into that sort of thing.

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Watched about 5 mins of that new Godzilla series on Apple TV but couldn’t really get much further. The acting and directing seemed pretty substandard for a TV show that has had a lot of money thrown at it.

Oh well, I guess I’ll wait another few weeks for the next great disappointment to be released on Netflix/Apple/Hulu.

That Scott Pilgrim anime on Netflix is excellent. I absolutely love the film and this was a great addition to the overall story/universe. I’ve never actually read the original graphic novels which i do intend on going and getting now.

Started The Fall on Netflix. It’s quite dark three episodes in.

Gillian Anderson is a spectacle of a human being though :martinelli:


Saw that a while back. I’m not really into police shows, as it’s a little too close to my old job, but really enjoyed this one. The lead actors were great.

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Although it’s been on before, I just watched the documentary about Geoff Hurst.
What a modest player and what he has had to contend with personally in his family, shows the character of the man and players like Lineker, Shearer and Kane talking about his achievements as well.

What’s this on?

Looks even better as she’s gotten older, paradoxically.

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The documentary had Matthew Lorenzo and was called The First And Only, on Sky mix.

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Reacher on Prime.

Great stuff if you enjoy watching a brick shithouse ruthlessly punching out bad guys.

Hard to believe someone once thought Tom Cruise was the man for this role lol

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Rolling Stones performance of Brown Sugar on TOTP in 1971.


Piranha on the masked singer.

What a voice :joy::joy: nobody expected that

Yeah probably the best one so far. I’m almost certain it’s Danny from McFly. My McFly/Busted knowledge is pretty good/stalkerish :sweat_smile: Last year I kept saying rhino was Charlie from Busted when most people were “sure” it was James Arthur!

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Has anyone watched Fool Me Once yet? The new Harlan Coben Netflix drama. Some of us read the book first and watched his other stuff… (some of us being me)

But on social media and at work this one is getting mega hits. Maybe everyone fancies Michelle Keegan!

I binged watched the series in a day (and charged it to work obviously) because it was literally impossible for me to work without it, and was quite disappointed. Was hoping they would make ending more exciting. Especially given they changed it from New York to England!

I think this typifies Netflix stuff over the last year or so, unfortunately.

Underwhelming stuff.

They need to get The Thick of It back to get the punters in.

I had to go through my posting history on this thread to find this and congratulate Netflix and Harlan Coban as the last time I watched one of their joint ventures I was bored to fucking tears.

Fool me once on the other hand is really good. I binged all 8 since Friday. So many twists and not boring at all. Well done to all

Stay Close is fckin trash. That’s the one with James Nesbitt, right? (Even he couldn’t save it).

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