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If I’ve learned one thing from watching breaking bad and top boy it’s to avoid care homes if involved in any criminal activity!

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Did so this afternoon. I got to episode 3 and genuinely felt like there were no real stakes.

Will have to cleanse my brain of that awfulness and rewatch the original Summerhouse stuff

What happened to our favourite junkies?



I didnt think it was too bad. The last 15 mins of the final episode were a bit meh, but it’s probably the best show in terms of storytelling I’ve seen on Netflix (and I include Ozark, Mindhunter and Money Heist in that equation)

Glad to have finally watched the last episode so can fully relax on the internet now :joy:

Great show I wouldn’t say this is a spoiler but will tag it anyway and a pretty expected ending I thought

  • Aaron just went and got a job in Leeds? He really said, “Fuck my lil bro whose parents are dead, and just saw our older brother/surrogate father get shot in the head in our home, he can go into the care system and I’ll piss off to the other end of the country” lol

  • The Irish gang were totally wasted. Built up as a proper criminal outfit, able to easily take out the Moroccan connection and ship Sully their heads in boxes, and Sully and Dushane just blaze two of their main guys in a care home, and then… that’s it? No come back at all? What was really even the fucking point of having them in this series at all? These guys were built up as being a huhe deal,the kind of outfit thay could take out a whole Moroccan operation like it’s nothing, but we’re meant to believe there’s no comeback on Sully and Dushane for what they did?

  • Characters just doing dumb, out of character shit. I can buy Dushane totally losing his shit and killing Jeffrey, but I can’t buy him doing such a shoddy clean up job. There was no indication that there was a serious time pressure meaning he had to immediately leave Jeffrey’s gaff, but had they taken the time to write that into it, I could at least get how Dushane was so sloppy. He’s got so many bodies on him at this stage, yet that’s how it was handled?

  • Almost everything Jaq related was dumb. Stealing 25 keys with no plan about how to move it is ridiculous, as is changing your mind right away afterwards, as if you didnt know Sully etc would kill you for it wothout hesitation. Why the fuck did she tell Kieron?! She didnt even bring him in cos she needed his help, she just told him, and that was it? She brought him into her scheme for no reason and totally jeopardised his life. Characters do dumb shit in fictional media, but she was always very savvy, and very loyal (battering her sister for jeopardising Sully’s life in a previous series), so all of this seemed off. Maybe in a ten episode series they could have fleshed it out better, and her actions would have felt more earned, but her change of heart about dealing drugs, and her subsequent actions, felt rushed and didn’t work for me.

  • Very minor point, but it seems to me like they just decided to try and forget about Curtis and the scouse mob? The way that was left last series, I didn’t feel like his sister was just gonna leave it, and that this should have factored into the final season somehow. Wouldn’t have been hard to connect this to the Irish mob and Johnny. They could have had close ties and dealings with the scouse lot, and Curtis being disappeared is wht put Sully/Dushane on their radar, leading them to killing the Moroccan connect in order to strong arm their way into Sully and Dushane’s business interests.


Also just give us the fecking closure we deserve. Hate it when a series has it’s finale and leaves it so open ended like that. Now I just feel like I have more questions than answers.

Some of the acting is hella good on there though. That scene where Sully makes Si gag with the gun in his throat made me so uncomfortable.


Also, additional Dushane thoughts:

  • the heart stuff went nowhere? For at least a season, maybe more, we’ve been seeing him have heart issues/chest pains. They couldnt have given that some ultimate relevance? Dushane is escaping with the bags of gear but his heart issues slow him down, enabling Sully to catch him and for them then to have their final showdown?

  • Dushane really put ALL 16 MILLION he had into a single redevlopment scheme?! With the people entrusted with that money all being dodgy and people he strong armed and threatened at one point or another?! He didnt keep a few mill, or even a few hundred thousand stashed anywhere else, for emergencies?! Just a few thousand in his safe?! What the fuck was that about? It was like Stringer Bell getting rain made by Clay Davis but times a thousand lmao

The more I think about these final six episodes the shittier it all seems.

They absolutely fumbled it lol


6 eps way to short aswell.

Seeing as season 1 and 2 of the reboot was 10 and 8.

While watching I had questions but I was drawn in by the tension and authenticity we’ve come to expect. Until the point of the crime scene fumble and the whole Jaq thing. Another good show with a rushed final season that betrays their characters and randomly abandons plot points and angles they’d been building up to this point.

Still really enjoyed it but the show deserved a final season with better writing and a fleshed out story. I can see why Kano had beef with the showrunners many times about creative decisions. Rushed as fuck.

Been watching Pheonix Nights with the brilliant Peter Kay .
What a genius Kay is .



I really need to rewatch that. Great show

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Family Fun Day :joy::joy:
Keith Lard …… is he drawing a dog


Hahaha! Great episode.

“Bit of a dog, isn’t she, Keith?”


Must have been one of the funniest episodes ever .
If it was me designing a building……. He’s drawing a dog :joy::joy:


Sammy the snake is a scene that cracks me up every time.

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Didn’t intentionally plan on watching it but channel 4 was on in the background and the Russel Brand documentary came on.

Yuck, I wasn’t old enough at the time but the 2000’s was a real fucking grim time looking back.

What a creep. The guy in his 30’s wanting a 16yr old and the conversation with Jimmy Saville :nauseated_face:

Finished watching the Dahmer series on Netflix. Disturbing, unsettling and a very difficult watch (as it should be given the subject matter). Evan Peters performance was incredible, and probably one of the best screen performances I’ve seen in ages. Excellent supporting cast. I was aware of the basis of the story but not all the detail and some of it is unbelievable at times. I can’t recommend the series highly enough.


@Castiel have you watched Justifed: City Primeval yet?

I thought they did a decent job for a follow up all these years later. Not a bad ending either.


This most recent series of It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia is arguably the best yet.

The episode with Frank taking on the Russian Grandmaster in chess and Dennis employing the SINNED system for Mac and Dee :laughing:

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I’m 4 episodes into Everything Now on Netflix. It is fantastic. Big recommend.