What are you watching?

It’s only Eurovision. Do you really give a shit? :slight_smile:

It’s never been a people’s votes competition though. Ukraine don’t win last year without the public vote, can go both ways.

I bet on Eurovision since 2017 and won my bets every year until this year. Because the juries gave Sweden an inappropriate amount of votes and therefore lead.

Finland won the people’s votes by a large margin but it wasn’t enough due to the juries who decided next year hosting it in Sweden is a great PR because of the ABBA anniversary.

If you’re going to have Eurovision in Liverpool and go on about their history of great music, then surely do something about the Beatles rather than an embarrassing version of Imagine, followed by a song from Mel C and a performance by Sonia, who looked like an embarrassing aunt at a party.

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Don’t forget Atomic Kitten - Liverpool’s finest.

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Programme about the Rolling Stones and Brian Jones in a moment on bbc2

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Was flicking through last night and saw this, watched half hour and then plussed it

Will have to try and find on iPlayer, looked good

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Fucking hell. Succession

What an episode.

I think this could be the best last season of a show ever. Every episode is incredible and better than the last.

I can’t wait for the last two eps


Caught up with this last night. Really well researched that and some poignant moments. :+1:

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I’ve seen a bit of it. It’s already better than the Netflix documentary where they work to demonize Jones.

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Yep, I downloaded and watched the other day
Was good, Jones turned into a enigma in that band. Went from the top to the very low’s.

A sad ending to a musical genius

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Silo. Season one, episode four.

It’s meandering.

Taboo. Not bad so far

Outlast. Good lord, some of the ‘army guys’ that have tapped out should be embarrassed with themselves no? They basically train in these conditions, laughable.

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Finally caught up with Season 4 of Succession at the weekend. What an amazing series. 5 stars all the way. Absolutely brilliant. Can’t recommend highly enough.


Can’t believe its ending next week. :sob::sob::sob::sob::sob:

What a show. I hope we get a 90 minuter or something. So much to tie up


My wife is watching a kid’s bake off show on Netflix, presented by Harry Hill (haven’t seen him since the 90s - he looks exactly the same as he did back then).

There’s a fifteen year old kid taking the piss out of all the nine year olds and winning every round. He’s like the Man C💩ty of kids bake off. Half a decade plus advantage.

Harry Potter cunt.


Last ever episode of Succession.

Brilliant just brilliant. Don’t think I’ll ever like a show as much again.



Watched the last episode this evening. Absolutely amazing. Brilliant series 10/10 for Season 4 and an excellent ending too. Need something new to watch now!


Ted Lasso, loved it, I k ow some are not keen but a bit gutted this has finished. Really enjoyed that last episode.


Shane Meadows is incredible, so this looks like a must watch for me