What are you watching?


Watching it now @Calum

Probs for the first and last time. :arteta:

Just seen this brown hair girl air out this Adam (?) Guy In front of everyone. :poldi:

Also @Phoebica Georgia’s boyfriend wearing blood style gangster bandana :arteta:

Holy shit that Eyal guy is a CUNT!!! What a curly headed creepy wanker.
Poor Megan and Alex


My man!!!

Adam is such a muggy prick. Rosie is gonna end him ahhahahaha.

Eyal is pretty fucking muggy aswell tbh. Was very cunty walking over to Alex and kissing Megan so he would see it.

@Electrifying did you enjoy it?!


It was alright tbf, I’m in love with Megan tbf so I hate that Eyal cunt for treating her like that.

Hope she picks Alex but she kissed Eyal back…

Oh god what’s happened to me @JakeyBoy help!!!





I’m sorry but we’re going to have to euthanise you.


You must watch it aswell if you liked my post cristoff :wink:


Yeah well I’m suicidal so



Random as hell but I’ve been watching quite a bit of Columbo recently.

What a don.


Posted the same few days back. Sat and Sunday 5 USA??


Yep and also ITV.

I’m kind of addicted now, next it’ll be Murder She Wrote.


Thought Adam was a prick but that was class from him and Charlie tonight distracting Eyal the snake so Alex could talk to Megan without him butting in. Unreal wingman skillage :joy:

Megan really let everyone down by picking Eyal over Alex tho ffs. @Electrifying you still watching?!


nah lol. that was a one time thing cos i was with a bunch of friends and the were watching it.



Charlie just went up in my estimations hugely haha


Adam aswell tbf he’s not that much of a prick that I thought he was!

Eyal though… what a wanker. :joy:


Every time Eyal opens his mouth I want to hit him. He’s the ander Herrera of love island for me.


Byeeee Hayley :wave:

So close to it being Eyal up instead tho ffs!


I’ve been sucked into watching this by the missus. Eyal is possibly one of the most passive aggressive people I’ve ever seen. All the crap about him being chilled is bollocks, he’s hyper-sensitive. And the way he’s all over that girl is so creepy, treats her like a possession. Don’t know why my box Alex is going after her, allow her she’s so fucking weak minded. Once you get off the Island bro, you’re going to have girls queuing up.


Sounds like you are the weak minded bro


Fucking pussy excuse sol. Admit you are addicted. A man can like both the world cup and love island :wink: