What are you watching?


Oh jakey


Haha yes Jakey legend.


Poor Alex :cry: He gets so buzzed when new girls come in then they always go for some other guy.





Ngl that new one might get me to watch this…:giroud3:




I’d rather watch Love Island than a Shakespeare play tbh, something people that claim to be intelligent would do :thinking:




Well idk perhaps people want to look intelligent hating on Love Island. I know the people on it aren’t intelligent but that adds up to the entertainment of it, no?




Could you say that again non shit meme format?




Lol I’m baffled by these memes




I watch Love Island AND Shakespeare plays. I went to watch As You Like It at the Globe Theatre recently and thoroughly enjoyed it :blush:

I challenge the brain and then numb it :grin:


Your memes are


Lol JBL reminds me of slag from last year where all he posted was random pictures




Back on topic. Can’t wait until tonights episode.

The arrogant as fuck personal trainer Adam gets caught out mugging off Rosie and she calls him out right in front of everyone :giroud3: