What are you watching?



Finished season 3. I was sceptical at first without Pablo but overall thought it was just as good.


Really? While I still enjoyed it I think it was missing a lot of what made season 1 and 2 so special. The show wasn’t exactly carried by Pablo and the other DEA agent but I certainly felt it was weaker without them.

It felt grittier and more realistic in the previous seasons too. The gentlemen of Cali came across very comic bookish to me and I think the conclusion to their story was way too rushed during the final ep.


So who’s binged Stranger Things Season 2 yet then? Any good?


Just finished it. Really fucking good!


I think the Pablo Escobar/Medellin cartel story is a lot stronger than the Cali Cartel story in itself. That makes a lot of difference (for me). Everybody has at least heard of the Escobar name, not so much the Cali guys.


Not to mention the actors in the first half of the story carried the show much better than the second half. I found the gentlemen of Cali a little cartoonish at times while Escobar’s portrayal was frighteningly grounded and natural.


It’s up there with the first season if not better IMO, they developed all the characters and it’s just as funny and the writing is quite intelligent.

The music is also very cool and there’s a lot of references to stuff like DBZ, Alien, The Goonies etc.

Can’t wait for season 3.


Salcedo’s story and the New York cartel guy make this worth a watch.


2 episodes in on ST2. They’re really going in on the CGI eh?


Ray Donovan what a last episode of season 5! :open_mouth: :heart::clap:

Best show on the TV and the best series I’ve ever watched. Looking forward to season 6 next year.


Star Trek discovery series is getting better as it goes.
The good doctor: love Freddie Highmore think he is a fanstastic actor and was brillant in Bates Motel And is great playing a Austic Doctor
The Orville: Seth macferlanes ((family guy,Ted) space comedy another show that’s got better


Vice Principals… Just watched the last episode of Series 2 which is also the last episode period. This entire show was so fucked up. :rofl:


You like it? I tried to watch it, couldn’t even get through 10 minutes. Didnt even crack a smile.


Aye, I did. It’s not usually the kind of thing I’d watch but for some reason I quite enjoyed it.


I thought it was brilliant, awesome blend of dark humour and drama, Walton Goggins is just amazing too.

Is that the show entirely finished then? It seems like the story has a lot more going for it.


Yeah, Series 2 Episode 9 aired in the States last night at that was it. The guy who plays Gamby wrote the entire show before shooting it which they did back to back - one series after the other. He said it’d feel a bit phony to do anymore now that their story has been told.


Finished stranger things 2 - great show tho not really sure we’re their going with it for another 2 seasons.

Star Trek Discovery - took awhile getting going and getting into myself but it has got better over the last couple off weeks just a shame it’s now on its mid season break hope it carries on its momentum when it gets back.


The Deuce

Tits, the 70s, James Franco, New York, killer Curtis Mayfield soundtrack.

Almost as good as Vice Principals


Can’t wait for I’m a Celeb tomorrow