What are you watching?

3 episodes in and the managers already been sacked :grin:

Sunderland have it all in place to be such a big club, but along with Newcastle these north east clubs just never seem to be able to taste success. Why is that?

Sitting in Limbo.

Infuriating watch. White Supremacists everywhere

Tory bastards


Whacking on Extraction now to have a break from the mackems.

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Piss poor running off the club from the money men.
Tho Newcastle should have really pushed on when they got champions league football an allways around the top 4 spots.

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60 Days In on netflix.

One of the participants, called Robert, definitely has the actor vibe about him.

Re-watching Sopranos. ATG show. But got to the Dr Melphi being raped episode, where they can’t get justice for her. You so want her to tell Tony her problems to get justice but it’d be professionally unacceptable.

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Just started watching Hannibal on Netflix, really enjoying it so far and annoyed I hadn’t seen it sooner.

Made by the same bloke who made the Maradona and Senna films. Tragic life and death of Amy Winehouse.
A hard watch but compelling throughout of a real talent, who just never got a chance at happiness. Really was a warts and all watch but so well made. You end up screaming in your head someone just help the girl ffs.
Everyone around seem greedy, manipulative or just so weak.

Just finished the first episode, watching the second one atm… Intriguing to say the least. Those fuckers in the sheriff’s department… :torreira: …should all be publicly hanged really.

Pitch Perfect is so under rated!

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Wu-Tang Clan: Of Mics and Men

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So Donald what’s your favourite TV show?

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About to give Changeling a watch. Never seen it before. Better late than never :grin:

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Good film

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Finished Killing Eve. Really passed its peak now after three seasons. Jodie Comer acting and character though is truly captivating and probably the only reason im back for season four.
Visit back to Russia and meeting up with her family was brilliant dark fun and definite stand out episode.

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I’m watching the news and see that Prince Andrew is only willing to answer written questions from American investigators with his lawyers help in writing in relation to the Jeffrey Epstein affair rather than a face to face spoken interview.

Personally I think this reflects very badly on him and makes me find it hard to believe there hasn’t been highly inappropriate at best and very illegal behaviour at worst in relation to young women/under age girls being trafficked and abused by Epstein.

Think he should have all state payments to him stopped. Absolutely shocked this guy was socialising and mixing with these people.

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Nah, he’s already done the “yeah I’ll have a chat about it, I’ve got nothing to hide mate” and it didn’t go too well, so he’d be a real idiot to do anything like that again if he can get away with it.

Doom Patrol on HBO

If you like darker, adult themed superhero stories with a good bit of humor I recommend this show. I’m a comic nerd and have never been a fan of D.C.'s usual cast of heroes (Superman, Batman, etc.) but I have to give it to them on this and some of their darker comics like Watchmen. I’m almost finished with the first season and it has been thoroughly entertaining.

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